Have a mentioned how truly happy I am to wake up and see an overcast sky?DSC_0043It’s how in my bones I know I could happily move to Portland, San Francisco, London, or Paris and not have depression. Maybe when I retire? (Joe are you taking notes here?)

Seriously- putting on a coat, a scarf, and seeing the rosy cheeks of those coming in from the cold makes me smile. This drought, sun soaked city had a few drops this past week and I was thrilled.DSC_0117I don’t know how these little ones would fair in a rainy climate. But they do love wearing raincoats and rainboots.

The only real downside to the rain is teaching on a rainy day. The students get restless by lunchtime. But my classroom survived. That was in part due to us reading the chapter book Matilda and then resorting to showing the film in class (one of my all time favorites). Also, breaking up the time with performance practice to “Jai Ho” for multicultural day this upcoming Friday.

Movie Nights

We are starting some new-ish traditions around movie night. It is ever evolving as our kids grow. But these days it definitely involves popcorn, pajamas, snuggles, and usually a movie from our childhood. As of recent, we have made our way through the original Star Wars and the new. We watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Princess Bride, Home Alone, and this past weekend (with friends) we watched Goonies. We are always looking for recommendations. Before the movie there was a front yard baseball game.


Joe versus the boys. While Olivine enjoyed watermelon

DSC_0135 and then looked closely at her seed. DSC_0148 She is getting better at putting on her shoes.


The boys had a canceled game due to rain the night before so this was perfect outlet for all that energy.


I love listening as they navigate scores, innings, batting order, and all the other pieces of a baseball game.


In the end she gets to hitch a ride where she stands on his pockets.


Easy, fun, and definitely in the works for the summer. Come over, meet us at the park, because we plan on having a few more movie nights.


Paul has been working hard on his Jackie Robinson poster and speech. He has the crafty bug inside and once I brought out some stickers and encouraged him to draw parts of his poster, he just took off.DSC_0193 Later we went to Michael’s so he could buy some more supplies. I kid you not, he was so excited he made another poster just for his bedroom. He found stickers he liked and had more ideas in his mind.DSC_0195 This then inspired others to get crafting. Olivine found some of Joe’s tabs for notes and made a little book.DSC_0185 She read her book while Paul worked away on his poster.DSC_0186We are a project making kind of family.


I love that she doesn’t care. She will sit in a dusty pile of chalk and smile wide.


The other day she had some dirt on her side that I noticed when she undressed (probably from childcare) but I loved her response. I pointed and asked how she got dirt under her clothes (sometimes she strips down to undies and plays). She shrugged and said “I dunno maybe a cupcake bit me and made that.”

Note to self: now her imaginary bite marks are from cupcakes and not sharks.???




One of the best parts of waking up to wet sidewalks is all the snails.DSC_9996Big ones, little ones, slowly sliding over leaves and down the stairs. The kids get so excited and up close.

Thumb Sucking

Two of our three suck their thumbs (Paul and Olivine), My sister and I both sucked our thumbs.

The dentist has mentioned before that Paul’s mouth has changed shape as a result. But I see him as sucking his thumb only at night, and even though he is seven, it will stop at some point. Right?

Then with Olivine, I have noticed she does it a lot. During the day, while walking around, and sometimes she even tries to talk to us with her thumb in her mouth. Recently the pediatrician pointed out that this is not helping her with all the infections she has had and health issues. The doctor also suggested a nail polish from Australia to help. The packaging says it is for nail biting but it also helps with thumb sucking.


Last week we started: Paul, as oldest, went first (of course, Joe was the guinea pig and can vouch it tastes gross). The first night was heart ache. He cried and he wanted to know when it would go off his thumb. He complained he wasn’t ready and he needed his thumb to go to sleep. It was hard to hear. I held him and eventually he fell asleep.

This week, I sat Olivine down and explained it. She saw Paul’s reactions and had been asking. As soon as I put it on, she cried. We talked for awhile about the options she has to comfort herself, I gave her hugs, and when she calmed down it was over. Sure, she came out a couple times to show me and tell me how bad it tasted. But it was surprisingly not terrible. I am learning that I fear these sorts of changes more than my own children.

They are flexible, resilient, and strong.



Our sweet baby friend Leila recently turned oneDSC_9936and we were lucky enough to attend.DSC_9915Her party was at a place in South Pasadena (Amy’s Playground) with indoor playDSC_9917and plenty of space to chase and run DSC_9903and jump.DSC_9886In two hours they had worn themselves out with all the fun.DSC_9894Ollie found a tunnel and stockpiled all the babies around.DSC_9892On the way home we made sure to check out the Jackie Robinson monument for Paul’s project.DSC_9940A perfect sunny Sunday afternoon.


about the portrait Paul drew me DSC_0061and the heart he decorated.DSC_0057The Henry hand print flowers are super sweet:DSC_0058A morning spent lounging and reading my new book.DSC_0060After time in the aquariumDSC_0069we stayed outside for a picnicDSC_0077with plenty of space to play baseballDSC_0084or climb on rocksDSC_0104or hunt for treasure.DSC_0105What a lovely way to celebrate today: enjoying children and conversation and food and time together.DSC_0114Being a mom is pretty awesome.


On Mother’s Day I can’t help but remember my grandmother. Recently Olivine found a tin I hide in my nightstand (she finds everything) where I keep my Ba’chan’s glasses.DSC_8330Joe snapped these of her wearing them.DSC_8334She is a silly girl and I wish my grandmother was here to meet her.DSC_8329We hope you are smiling today. Your memory and spirit lives on. You are missed.


My son has not loved the performance part of the play his class has been working on.
DSC_0015He had moments of smiling, but mostly I could see how shy he was and I could relate.DSC_0021All week there were shows for the school and Friday night was the final, evening parent and family event. Grammy went to the day show and snapped this class/cast shot. Super colorful.
20150508_134140Maybe your eyes are drawn to the colorful background, I would like to say “high-five” to papa Joe. Yes, all those years of “outdoor artwork” paid off because he was the backdrop king. I love how it turned out.
DSC_9964And there was singing and dancing and choreography that was simple but exciting to see. This has been weeks of a practice, at home with a cd and script. Celebrated with a cupcake and exhausted by the end of it all. What a show!DSC_0044Final project before school ends: biography report. He chose Jackie Robinson so this weekend we will be reading and working on the poster. He already drew a jersey and wrote an acrostic poem. Busy, busy in first grade.



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