When my mom asked if I felt older this week on my birthday. I suddenly recognized that isn’t necessarily older but I do feel more grounded. Which is about being aware, content, confident, and generally feeling like my feet are planted in place. I am living more in the moment. It is summer and by now I am typically already grieving its end. But these days I am less focused on what I am not doing, or missing, or wishing I could do better.

It helps that I have support. I have a husband and children that remind to think more of others and less of self. I have a mom, who is retired and living more of a life she wants as inspiration. I like my job (part-time) and being in school. I like learning. I like deadlines and reading and writing in research. I am introverted and unashamed, yet pushing myself regularly to socialize in groups that are not always easy.

This photo sums up what I love the most these days:

DSC_5165Open windows, late setting sun, children only wearing half of their pajamas, reading aloud, making up character voices for Tomie dePaola books, natural light, wide eyes around me, and no other plans. Bed time stretches out and the little ones fall asleep as their bodies get tired.

Thirty-seven is going to be an awesome year. I can feel it!

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