{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.DSC03547


Memorial Weekend always feels like a preview for summer. The weather is warmer and friends and family gather to eat food and hang out.

Olivine wanted to just be free in the sun.DSC03527There was an awesome car to ride around in.DSC03529Everyone had plenty of turns and there were no crazy accidents.
DSC03534These little ones played so well together
DSC03542I can’t wait for the baby to arrive in the fall, to add to this mix.

Small Gestures

Other folks have shown kindness in the smallest ways, leaving lasting impressions on me.

Starting with my own husband who went out and bought colorful roses to brighten my day. This final part of the school year feels hard. Like the final stretches of a long hike where I hardly think I can go on. I just want it to be over, but so much goodness awaits so I need some encouragement to count down. I don’t want fresh flowers all the time. The once in a while, random treat though makes me smile as I fall asleep or wake up. DSC03513Then our friends came over and brought some tea. They also gave us a “free babysitting coupon” and movie tickets. Although Joe is insisting we go, even if it is to see Adam Sandler or X-men (nothing I like) it’s more about the thought. This idea of friends giving us time, their time, and in turn freeing up some of our time. Super sweet (I am holding out for some sort of independent, foreign, or other great film to turn up).DSC03524Then this plantDSC03546from a cousin who I visited. She gave me a piece of her garden at her brand new house and it makes me happy on so many levels. I love basil, I love summer, I love edible plants, I love her, and her house, and so this plant makes me happy just to see it on my windowsill.

Side By Side

These two are often the first to wake up. Usually she climbs on top of her dresser and he catches her. Other mornings he crawls into her crib with a stack of books. I love the sound of them giggling and reading and whispering together.DSC03516They take turns and on days when I leave for work, this is one of the best ways to leave. They are happy and preoccupied with one another.DSC03519Now that Joe is done, they are not in childcare and they spend a ton of time together.DSC03520 I love that they share a room. They will fall asleep talking to one another at nap. DSC03522They are buddies.

Big Change

This past Friday Joe finished his B.A. and teaching credential. It’s been a long journey. This means one more year (special ed. credential) and the ability to begin substitute teaching (he really wants to) locally. I am trying to warm him to the idea of a giant party next year to celebrate. But even now, we are celebrating massive finishing and wrapping up. He has come so far!Joey1978 RulezThis is how our papa of three looked on Saturday at a birthday party. He can finally rest! Joey1978 RulezAlthough he is looking forward to more time of just hanging out and being a papa who does’t have homework or lesson planning or grading or typing to do:

Joey1978 RulezWhile our oldest is showing an increasing interest in sports. He loves all things active these days.
Joey1978 RulezSomeone else is drawing and writing more.Joey1978 RulezTo keep with the theme of change. We spent time today hanging out next to the nearly loaded truck of our friends who are headed to the desert with their three kids. We are wishing them the best.
Joey1978 RulezA pinata definitely seemed appropriate
Joey1978 Ruleza crowd of family and friendsJoey1978 Rulezalong with watermelon and other potluck fixin’s.
Joey1978 RulezSo to come home tonight and wrap up the final chapters of Little House on the Prairie-it made sense. Their story came full circle as well, with a mixture of sadness and excitement.
DSC03508Different versions of the same theme echoing in the stories around me: of growing and letting go and learning and gaining all at the same time.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.DSC03507


The temperature has been over a hundred. So one little girl decided underwear (over diapers) was plenty to wear with her shirt. We agreed.DSC03493All three are taking longer naps, eating more food, and drinking more water in this heat. So I can’t complain. That’s ideal!DSC03501Random shot: Henry using the word search to “letter” search. He’s so creative!
DSC03497I get extra cranky and am less patient in this heat, so hopefully it will cool down soon.

Tree Stump

In a nearby park the boys had an adventure.Joey1978 RulezThey poked,
Joey1978 Rulezgathered,
Joey1978 Rulezclimbed.Joey1978 Rulezand then chilled out.Joey1978 Rulez



Henry can’t get enough of Miss Fiona when we visit. She was letting him hang on her and cuddle on the couch.Joey1978 RulezWe had an egg hunt out back.Joey1978 RulezPam helped Olivine, nudging her in the right direction.Joey1978 RulezShe also gave out bubbles and chalk, which my kids love.
Joey1978 RulezEven if it drips everywhere and makes them soapy, they will keep at it. They’re determined. It’s taken a lot of coordination just to hold the bottle up right and get the wand to go in and out.Joey1978 RulezThey also had beaded necklaces to wear and sand to shovel. Fiona is as expressive Olivine
Joey1978 Rulezjust look at her faceJoey1978 RulezThey boys are becoming more daring as they swing high and kick at the tree.
Joey1978 RulezIt is always a fun time.Joey1978 RulezI even jumped on a swing for a little while.


Party (part two)

Joe has a camera that I can’t always access the photos on. I found a couple from Makayla’s party. Here they are hugging the pinata. I loved its size.Joey1978 RulezI also loved the pose for picture, photo booth back drop- kid style. Joey1978 RulezOh and this was my personal highlight from the party. It isn’t often that I have the opportunity to eat homemade footballs. Thank you Vi, they were amazing. A round platter stacked high evokes a handful of fond memories of my own childhood parties and so to see this tray made me smile.
Joey1978 Rulez