Small Gestures

Other folks have shown kindness in the smallest ways, leaving lasting impressions on me.

Starting with my own husband who went out and bought colorful roses to brighten my day. This final part of the school year feels hard. Like the final stretches of a long hike where I hardly think I can go on. I just want it to be over, but so much goodness awaits so I need some encouragement to count down. I don’t want fresh flowers all the time. The once in a while, random treat though makes me smile as I fall asleep or wake up. DSC03513Then our friends came over and brought some tea. They also gave us a “free babysitting coupon” and movie tickets. Although Joe is insisting we go, even if it is to see Adam Sandler or X-men (nothing I like) it’s more about the thought. This idea of friends giving us time, their time, and in turn freeing up some of our time. Super sweet (I am holding out for some sort of independent, foreign, or other great film to turn up).DSC03524Then this plantDSC03546from a cousin who I visited. She gave me a piece of her garden at her brand new house and it makes me happy on so many levels. I love basil, I love summer, I love edible plants, I love her, and her house, and so this plant makes me happy just to see it on my windowsill.

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