We have entered the book making stageDSC03063complete with picturesDSC03068sometimes put together with yarn and tapeDSC03064 staplesDSC03069 Sometimes there are only pictures
DSC03070 Other times he adds details.
Joey1978 Rulez They are evolving all the time

with Henry imitatingDSC03066 He read this story to me- it was about the ocean- I should have guessed with all those “o’s.”


They went on a huntJoey1978 Rulezand gathered a bucket full of shells
Joey1978 Rulezin all shapes
Joey1978 Rulez and sizes
Joey1978 Rulezon a windy morning.Joey1978 Rulez
At home we washed, dried, and then sorted.DSC03035I listened to them guess at the creatures that lived inside, smell, and touch the ocean treasures.
DSC03039Olivine is always drawn to “babies” even at the table full of shells. She loves to say “tiny.”

Thank you, Pacific Ocean.

Health Status

We had a follow up appointment. We are taking preventive measures at this point using an inhaler for the next few weeks. As Olivine recovers we are on watch to look for signs that will help determine if she is an “asthmatic.” While we were at the pharmacy,we picked up a round of antibiotics for the ear infection on both sides. (Serious??)

There are promises of recovery around the corner from the pediatrician. Meanwhile someone has been incredibly patient with all these breathing treatments, but slightly annoyed about having to wear a mask until she realized she could still suck her thumb.Joey1978 Rulez

I am telling you that daily this girl is learning new tricks.


{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.Joey1978 Rulez

Eating Outdoors

Just a blanket and some grass is all we need.DSC03048We stopped by Whole Foods and grabbed sandwiches, pizza slices, and fruitDSC03049loaded up the bikes

DSC03045and dashed outside to enjoy the last moments of sunshine and our weekend. The time slips by so fast, all we can do is run to keep up. As we catch our breath we are grateful for the time to mix play into our meal.


An event at Paul’s school that I towed a recovering baby to on Friday. Happily she still fits in and can sleep in the Ergo. At 25 pounds I am not good at carrying her for long periods without the support. She slept well.

Oh I am going to miss these baby wearing days. The soft breathing from lips gently parted. The warmth and peace of a sleeping baby.DSC03006I am completely biased to my son’s class and the shirts I made plus my friend Susan making awesome headbands. But really- his class was awesome looking. Go Japan!
DSC03029I will even say this was the best looking kid in the pack:
DSC03018They had a variety of activities: obstacle courses, basketball toss,DSC03020hula hoops, a relay maneuvering wheelchairs (without a context this picture could be misleading)DSC03016and of course the jogging (which was Paul’s favorite part).
DSC03011A fun event that I happened to witness.


One of my least favorite places in the world. It’s never fun. Even when I have the fore thought to bring a stack of books.

DSC03005I took our youngest baby to the E.R. twice this past Thursday. Our first visit was at 9 am and our second visit near midnight. She is better now and thankful always for medicine and experts in medicine. Our weekend will be catching up on rest and taking it real easy.

{this moment}

DSC03032A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Sunny Sunday

They splashed in the waterJoey1978 Rulezchased each other along the shore
Joey1978 Rulezthrew sandJoey1978 Rulezfound mysterious containers for building in the sand
Joey1978 Rulezand sat aroundJoey1978 Rulezrelaxing in the 80 degree sunshine.

Train Ride

We went exactly one year ago ( RulezThis time Olivine could ride the train.Joey1978 RulezWe got there early enough, that we rode it twice.