We have an amazing friend (Janet Wheeland) who has taken several photos of our family, including our rock-n-roll Christmas photos.

Today we last minute snapped some maternity photos that included balloons and scrabble tiles.


This was before the generous shower that folks at church threw us.


The cards and gifts were thoughtful. Home-sewn burping cloths, a striped bathing suit, an insulated cup for a nursing momma, and treats.

Like homemade brownies


or Janet’s homemade ice cream sandwiches.


I think my favorite part was other moms sharing advice and the awaiting joys of raising a daughter which has so far felt intimidating, but their words were all encouraging.

Snow in Compton

The parents decided to trek in snow to school on this lovely Saturday. Which meant my kids and many of my students saw snow for the first time!


The boys wore their boots and mittens.

They threw snowballs.




They tasted the snow.



Joe made them a mini snowman.


When the bigger kids came and they headed to the playground Paul looked like this:


All the while, I taught poetry (this Saturday and last)


at an event my school calls the Literacy Conference, which we have been doing for the last three years.




Pretend Play

Paul has been incredibly creative in his pretend play for awhile, but it is my surprise at seeing how quickly Henry is catching on. Of course he wants to do whatever his big brother does but he can’t even articulate himself clearly. All he really does is say “Paul-Paul” and point, which then Paul interprets as “make me be a diver, too.”


So tonight, while finishing report cards and enjoying the ability to sit at a desk in my living room. I was summoned to a dive show being held in their room.

They came out together in wetsuits (pajamas), wearing tanks (backpacks), and not speaking clearly because they had mouth cords(stethoscopes tucked into their backpacks).

This was just the kind of distraction I needed..a trip to my local, in-house aquarium tank.


Made with Love

My generous and talented parent brought a gift today that was hot off the knitting needles. A soft, colorful blanket and a kitty hat to match mine. Her talents amaze me and her consideration warms my heart. Babies draw out the best in people. 


p.s. our little girl is less than four weeks away from arrival.

Wet or Dry, They’re Content

As an adult, I am hardly able to enjoy the weather just as it is. I find myself thinking it is a little too hot or else it’s a little too cold. However, these boys will find peace and beauty where I can’t.


Even on a rainy Monday morning- there are flowers to smell and sidewalks to stroll.


There are snacks to share.


Bike rides to savor.


After the outdoor adventures, the kitchen becomes a “mud room.” 


Monkey chase gets replaced with laughing in their private sauna (their room heater squeezed behind the door, next to their closet).



Ending in a game of naked trains. 


Catch Up

The weekend went by quickly, but here are the highlights.

I worked 6 hours at the Literacy Conference at my school on Saturday, teaching poetry for the third year in a row. My after work treat and sweet relief, was a prenatal massage. With a 70 minute massage, the boys went and climbed trees and shared lollipops while I was relaxing.


The nesting has begun, not just with me but with Joe. His two desires: a new vacum and a desk where we can be “study buddies.”



I got home a little after 3 pm and for the last four hours I have seen a whole variety of emotions in Paul. He has been forced to eat dinner at the table and take a bath, but other than that he has been on the carpet.

He has expressed Confusion






and some Satisfaction


as he devotes hours on his creation of bumblebee’s race car


and the jeep bar.


Pizza & Grocery Store

Once a month Paul’s preschool goes on a field trip. Notice the tie-dye they all wear, which they made earlier this year, specifically for going on trips together.

I also love the “hold the rope” becuase I can still remember being in preschool and doing the exact same thing. It was always exciting and felt very official, going out in the community together.


Today was a visit to BJ’s where the kids took a tour and made their own pizzas. Too bad it wasn’t making pazookis.


Henry tagged along


Tonight the I could hear the boys playing so nice together after their bath it made curious as to what game they had invented.


When I peeked my head in their doorway to watch-I caught a full transaction. Paul was selling legos to Henry who had made his own money. Really??


Is this at all influenced to us having to go to Trader Joe’s and Target tonight?


Artistic Representation

I will admit I am fascinated with art done by chldren. There is an insight into their understanding and perspective that is refreshing. So tonight when Paul started drawing pictures of the animals he saw from our trip at the zoo yesterday I felt compelled to share.

Here is his monkey swinging on a branch.


An elephant with water and hay.I was appropriately corrected when inquiring about the nose- which is really a trunk.


Then he decided the giraffe was his favorite and mostly wanted to capture how it is very tall. Which I would agree is a main attribute of the animal.


We were on a bit of a roll so we also worked on making some flashcards of words he can sound out and spell, so he can now see them in print.


A Full Day

With an extra day off and overcast weather, we headed out to the zoo.


Grammy came along and mostly spoiled little boys.


Between the giant bag of keetlecorn and blue cotton candy, the boys continually ate as we walked and rode the tram.


The recently renovated elephant exhibit was impressive but I definitely am mesmerized by chimpanzees. Their human like expressions and behaviors are captivating.


Paul was more fascinated with the rhinos and lizards, creatures he describes as looking like dinosaurs. 


For lunch we headed to Travel Town with a picnic and three boys who were ready to climb on the trains.


Something about trains can get all of these boys in the best mood.


Before heading home we rode the mini-train


under a bridge and full of smiles.


By the end of the afternoon we had some tired out, ready for nap, little guys. I love these kind of days where they will go until they almost collapse from having fun and running around.