A Full Day

With an extra day off and overcast weather, we headed out to the zoo.


Grammy came along and mostly spoiled little boys.


Between the giant bag of keetlecorn and blue cotton candy, the boys continually ate as we walked and rode the tram.


The recently renovated elephant exhibit was impressive but I definitely am mesmerized by chimpanzees. Their human like expressions and behaviors are captivating.


Paul was more fascinated with the rhinos and lizards, creatures he describes as looking like dinosaurs. 


For lunch we headed to Travel Town with a picnic and three boys who were ready to climb on the trains.


Something about trains can get all of these boys in the best mood.


Before heading home we rode the mini-train


under a bridge and full of smiles.


By the end of the afternoon we had some tired out, ready for nap, little guys. I love these kind of days where they will go until they almost collapse from having fun and running around.


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