in a $1 ride in the Santa sleigh.DSC02000in the afternoon sunshine to play by the water.
DSC02018in a project for Olivine’s dresserDSC02025just a quick makeover in the form of knobs.DSC02030in her request to wear shoes before bed.DSC02026in a quick read (one night) and yes- Julie and Pilar were right- I loved it!DSC02036in a little spiked eggnog while wearing new pajama pants.
DSC02033in the art of procrastination because yes, I have grading and planning that awaits me.

Around here

kale chipsJoey1978 Rulezbusted lip (the tooth went through her lip-yikcs!). She will point and say “owie.”DSC01992An early morning breakfast date with Henry Bear while we await an oil change. Just him and I, a chance to listen to his stories with undivided attention to his wonderfully elaborate and sometimes confusing stories.

DSC01999A big brother who is into labeling. When she crawled into my bed, I noticed he had even labeled her. I was impressed that he had undone the safety pin and put it back together so carefully.DSC01993I love four day weekends!


is part of the magic of a rainbow.DSC01996We spotted one yesterday afternoon. Happy Birthday Ba’chan. We miss you!

Gobble, Gobble

Our holiday mascot that Olivine adores.DSC01961Paul came home with a bag full of treasures
DSC01957including writing with a tree map.
DSC01955Yesterday my class celebrated with an annual thankful feast/potluck. They brought salad, corn, chicken, rolls, mac & cheese, pie, dirty rice, mashed potatoes, and spaghetti.DSC01935While today has been a beautifully mellow day.
I am grateful for time spent talking to kitties through open windows.
DSC01988I am grateful for game playing
DSC01978and using words to solve problems.DSC01979I am grateful that while Olive took a nap, we had time to make cookies
DSC01969pumpkin flavoredDSC01971stuffed with cookie butter.DSC01985I am grateful that we could watch the Macy’s parade on-line while they baked (We saw your instagram photos Jessica Kim and we are jealous that you saw those big balloons in real life this morning. It’s on our bucket list for sure!).
DSC01976I am thankful for pigtails and barefeet.DSC01972I am grateful that in just a little while our family of five will sit down to enjoy a home cooked meal and toast to days spent well.

After Dinner

They love to draw and talk and sit around the table together.DSC01914Olivine likes to draw in the corners, flip the pages, and scribble a ton.DSC01930 She was saying “No” and I guess she didn’t want photos taken of these original pieces. She is still learning how to sign her name.DSC01911While Henry likes to draw pictures for her and of her. He will color them and say “Look baby, it’s you. Do you like it?’ It’s not so much the words, but this sweet tone he takes, like he is talking to a baby. Meanwhile she stops, listens, and bends very close to the page to see his artwork and then says “uh-huh.”DSC01908Then they will start whispering to eachother and then they will kiss and hug and roll around on the rug like two puppies.DSC01926Paul will tune out all their laughter.DSC01931He has a love of space (just like I did) where the infinite and far off seems mysterious and amazing.
DSC01918You see why I like dessert so much around here.


So if two birthday’s in my own home weren’t enough, Paul had a party for someone in his class.DSC01874There was a game truckDSC01879and so of course I was the mom inside snapping photosDSC01881and setting my watch, knowing he would stay in there the whole time if I let him. But there was sunshine and friends and fruit outside to enjoy.

H is for

Happy Birthday Henry (one day early)Joey1978 RulezHe is our Happy bear. When he was in the womb the word I continually meditated on was “joy” and it worked! He is our joy each day.Joey1978 RulezHe is Hyper. Jich gave him the name “Putter” because like Jich and Joe, he never sits still. This rascal likes to move.Joey1978 RulezHilarious. He is all about the jokes. Ever since we can remember. He will crack himself up and in the process, probably those around him.

Joey1978 RulezHelper. He is the one who is helping carry groceries, clear the table, grab the diaper, and he is the one we count on for an extra set of hands.Joey1978 RulezHen-wry. That’s how Olivine says his name. She says his name the most (only after momma) and it’s because he answers. He will stop mid-sentence to attend to her. He has no idea what loyalties and headaches he is creating for himself. He is spoiling her but he adores her. Ever since he laid eyes on her. They loved one another. She feels that. So he is who she kisses and reaches for and calls for in her carseat. Hen-wry.Joey1978 RulezHer Hero.Joey1978 Rulez

How Handsome!


When a couple friends first found out I was having a daughter after two little guys there was lots of talk then about fashion and clothes and shopping. But I didn’t know then or really understand what that would be like. I only knew about baby boys. Now, I know.

I now know what it means to have so many more choices in shopping for clothes for a little girl. I see her expressing herself with clothes. She sometimes refuses to put a skirt on because her brothers aren’t wearing them. Other times she insists on a skirt and as soon as she puts it on, she spins and dances around.

Some of her latest fashion trends include:
DSC01869The handmade sweater she can now wear from Grammy (it used to be too big and too hot), complete with heart buttons. She adores this sweater as she points at and proclaims “mine” and “buttons” to make a mini sentence.DSC01870

Many mornings she likes to only wear a diaper, but to keep her feet warm she can be found wearing her monster slippers.

DSC01836In the evening, if boys have cleared out and given her space. Once in a blue moon this little one will bathe in bubbles all by herself (and if papa is around, there may even be a lollipop involved).
Joey1978 RulezThat’s after a day (like so many) where she has been running around with boys all day long. She gets dirty from climbing, eating, running, yelling, and having way too much fun.
Joey1978 Rulez
She is definitely getting some style influences from her brothers and papa.Joey1978 RulezShe has no idea any of this going on and she is the perfect blend as the baby of five

Joey1978 RulezJust check her out last night, pretending the table is a catwalk, Joey1978 Rulezand modeling her jammies that match her baby doll.

Bottle Caps

They create games on the spot.
DSC01867These two took the bottle caps to sort and line up
DSC01868and pair together and count aloud.
DSC01865They found the can that papa hung under the bottle openerDSC01866and they can use them or put them back whenever they like.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.Joey1978 Rulez