Number Six

The other night when Paul wanted to hear his birth story I realized how readily my heart and mind could recall the details. It isn’t every day a miracle happens.

We had no idea what our “mystery baby” would be and after being multiple days past due, he arrived with so much anticipation. So much love for this baby boy: Mister Paul (named after my Ji’chan).

DSC01859Today our oldest boy turned six.
DSC01842Beginning with sprinkle covered pancakes and milk.Joey1978 RulezOne little guy was confused. All day we reassured him that next week it would be his turnJoey1978 RulezWe had a handful of surprises up our sleeves for him.DSC01849We let him pick out his own lego set
DSC01854at the Downtown Disney store
Joey1978 Rulezand stopped for a treat.Joey1978 RulezIn the afternoon, we went to see “Once Upon A Mattress” which had a cast of all kids and a princess named Fred.
DSC01864He was thrilled to spend time going step by step to build his new fire engine with a ladder.
Joey1978 Rulez
I love this birthday boy, more than he knows.


{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. DSC01835


Everyone should have one.DSC01834I started this school year thinking last year was my hardest yet. I had a moment at outdoor yoga this summer where I was reminded to stay focused despite the challenges. However, that was while meditating and before meeting my student(s) who have serious needs. My heart wants to fix it all, but I can’t.

Needless to say, I am happy the first quarter is over and one of my students is now getting the services he needs. I finished twenty-two parent conferences last week. When I walked in on Wednesday and found this gift and a kind card from one of my mentors, I was taken back to that summer day where I clearly heard my calling. I am in the right job and I know I have gifts to offer. Sometimes I just need someone else to remind me.

Thank you.

Girl’s Night Out

Monday night was my chance to eat out at Lola’s and try something new.DSC01828It’s called Brushstrokes and Beverages.
For two hours you can have margaritas and sangria while attempting to paint with instruction. I like trying new things with folks I trust. The night also reconfirmed my love is in reading, writing, but not so much in painting.DSC01833The entire time I laughed. These ladies are funny. I am so sad I missed Book Club last night.


Early on Monday morning we hung out with friends, and because Paul knew where we were going; he was up bright early, dressed and ready to go. Remember he had written India a letter just a week ago and she wrote back. He was thrilled!DSC01826We ate food together
DSC01794followed by lots of play and catching up.
DSC01798Olivine had plenty of dolls to hug, because she is the odd one out in this crew. She couldn’t go in the treehouse, she didn’t like playing Barbies, she was happy to just wander.
DSC01799They played “Guess Who?”
DSC01823and then ate some more.
DSC01802India and Elijah even made the boys birthday cakesDSC01807sprinkles and chocolate.DSC01811I would call that a party. (Do you see the littlest one pleading with her eyes?)
DSC01815Thanks Noel & Zahir- it’s always fun!

Lego Party

to celebrate one of Paul’s first buddies ever from the co-op
DSC01752who turned sixDSC01751and always has amazing parties with fabulous themes.
DSC01753Guess the number of Legos and Lego scavenger hunt were some of the games they played
DSC01749but I think the build your own lego vehicle was the boys favorite.DSC01756The invitation had instructed them to bring their favorite lego guy and once  they realized why- they were thrilled.
DSC01754 There was pizza and cookies and lots of running around.DSC01764Long shadows and fall leaves mixed with colorful helium balloonsDSC01784on a Sunday afternoon turned out to be lots of fun.

Warm Welcome

On Friday afternoon I walked into the house (after a six hour- mind numbing training) to the sounds of reggae in the living room and laughter from the back bedroom.DSC01716I then realize the baby is awake and enjoying the sunshine while she dances and sings.


I sneak up to watch the innocence mixed with joy in a happy baby, that I so desperately need as an adult. I even sneak out to grab my camera. All the while hearing Joe waking up Henry in the bedroom with laughter and hugs.DSC01718

As soon as she sees me she is giddy with embarassment. I wish she believed me when I said “go on, keep dancing and singing, momma loves it!” She listens closely.

DSC01721Then she gives in to her silly facesDSC01722until she gathers her thoughts and looks around. She asks for Henry and I point out of the room. She asks for Paul and I point to his top bunk.DSC01723She calls for him- over and over- just like I sometimes hear in the morning. Naps are harder to wake him from. I eventually take her out and put her up in his bed to wake him up.DSC01724This is the best time to arrive home. I comfort myself with thoughts that they were sleeping and so I didn’t miss much. And now they are rested and we can enjoy our Friday evening together…celebrating the start of a weekend.


seated side by side at the same table I sat at as a child with my sister. They have endless energy to expend as authors and artists.DSC01729

We have reached the milestone of no stroller, no diaper bag, just hand holding and exploring our way through the aquarium on an early morning while Papa is at home studying.DSC01735I have the sensation that I am the lucky winner who has been given a triple prize in life. I better not loose sight of this blessing because at this age, it can be so easy. I have to take advantage of this opportunity to experience childhood again, with my children, as they ask questions, make connections, expand vocabularies, and build memories that will last a lifetime.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.Joey1978 Rulez

Party Time

This past weekend we celebrated with our friend Rita.
DSC01707She had a birthday dinnerDSC01712and Olivine quickly made a buddy. The two of them had first dibs on cake.2013110295201801I loved the artichoke ravioli and catching up with friends.DSC01711This picture doesn’t show my true feelings..I am soooooo bad at posed photos!