Early on Monday morning we hung out with friends, and because Paul knew where we were going; he was up bright early, dressed and ready to go. Remember he had written India a letter just a week ago and she wrote back. He was thrilled!DSC01826We ate food together
DSC01794followed by lots of play and catching up.
DSC01798Olivine had plenty of dolls to hug, because she is the odd one out in this crew. She couldn’t go in the treehouse, she didn’t like playing Barbies, she was happy to just wander.
DSC01799They played “Guess Who?”
DSC01823and then ate some more.
DSC01802India and Elijah even made the boys birthday cakesDSC01807sprinkles and chocolate.DSC01811I would call that a party. (Do you see the littlest one pleading with her eyes?)
DSC01815Thanks Noel & Zahir- it’s always fun!

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