September Already

This cloud speckled sky is my ode to summer that is fading fast. Besides an ocean view or a pool photo, I can’t think of any image that reminds me more of this past summer. We went to the beach, enjoyed book picnics, rode bikes, and played frisbee- all in the spirit of living in Southern California.

dsc_5014This year we have Olivine at the child development center, Henry in first grade, and Paul in third grade. I am teaching at the college and tutoring, with classes continuing on Wednesdays and Saturdays. My better half is at a new school with kinder and first grade. Henry has started soccer, Paul has started ukulele lessons, and as soon as I figure out when and what…Miss Olivine will join the crew for some dance, martial arts,  gymnastics or roller derby. Something all her own.

My summer highlight might have been Swim Lessons. Thank you Grammy for helping out. This year is marked by the investment of every one of my kids now knowing how to swim. Wow it is amazing. Bittersweet with no babies clinging to this momma, but fun!

I missed the entire month of August and without guilt because I was too busy outdoors. I hope to find my way back to this space as the seasons change.