Really Moving

I experienced some real heart break recently with wanting to move. I spent many hours from August through October talking to a home owner about renting her house, only to be disappointed. Without getting into all the details I will say the situation left me questioning my own motives. I wondered if I had suddenly made parking, laundry, and three bedrooms a much bigger deal than I needed it to be.

November was spent mostly being preoccupied with these thoughts. Or maybe I should call them second guesses and self-doubt. I left the boxes packed and refused to make a decision one way or another. Besides I had two birthdays to focus on (Paul and Henry) and a camping trip to plan.

Imagine my surprise when a friend texts me one week ago to say her tenants are moving out January 1. She knows my sadness, has three kids of her own, and offers me the house.

I flip out.

I haven’t stopped flipping out.

Ever since this offer I have texted my friend the most random questions.

Tonight we saw the house and signed the lease. Then came home to finish up our book and the last chapter is called “Going Out”
thumbnail_img_1472about the Ingalls family moving, once again. The beauty and the fear and the excitement of it all is captured so well in these pages.
Paul shouted from his top bunk, “That’s like us!” As the family looks back and realizes change is ahead.

God always has something better than expected. I am still learning how to be patient and obedient and faithful in these moments.

One response to “Really Moving

  1. Dona

    WOW so very HAPPY for your family. Where is it ? I sure the kids are just thrilled !!! WOW. What a great way to start the new year. Hope to see you all soon. Love you, Dona. ❤️

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