Up Close

Paul was invited to batting practice at Dodgers stadium on Saturday.2015-08-29 14.57.29

I don’t know what could make him happier than standing on the field meeting some of the players he looks up to and imitates when playing baseball.

2015-08-29 15.53.53He has decided he really wants to grow his hair out, after debating a haircut all summer, and that is probably due to compliments from the players.

2015-08-29 17.28.31

I am telling you this kid can eat and breathe baseball. I have no idea how much longer the season is, but I do know that I might be at a couple more games. Maybe this coming Saturday? In San Diego? Is it Dodger vs. Padres?

Stencils – Part II

Before fall kicks off and we all go back to school it was a stay up late, craft night at Pilar’s house.


Don’t forget the cocktails and cookie butter cheesecake bites.


We used wood block sets to create messages that could be put on display in our homes.


Even though we are using essentially the same materials our personalities tend to shine, along with our favorite colors and creativity.


We went for inspiration and in typical fashion I was quickly overwhelmed by the color so went familiar with the all black.


It took me a long while to come up with a phrase to put on my blocks.


I settled on “Be Brave” as a gentle reminder for this upcoming season that feels new, scary, intimidating, and unpredictable.

Bare Bones

Joe has keys and a classroom as of this week. Now the work begins with sorting, discarding, organizing, and decorating.


Our children, like any kids with teacher parents, have fully occupied themselves with reading big books. Paul is using a ruler to point and practicing being the teacher with attentive students who play along.

Date Night

We no longer deny our mutual desire to head straight to the bookstore and browse. This is such a treat.


Second stop was a local dinner trying hard not to talk about our kids or jobs.


We told silly jokes and enjoyed the silence (no one was asking for anything).


We sampled some new to us drinks.


This one was the most dangerous because it tasted just like Root Beer. I could have had three of these or even a float with this.


Joe and I have been trying new places and not always being so predictable in our food choices. Taking risks is huge, because we are so good with familiar and comfortable.


As for gifts, I only really wanted to get Joe one of these, and when they threw one in for free Joe insisted I take it:


If you are in shock, you should see me. They are the visual representation of Joe and I in size. I am still learning how to answer it and turn it on, but yes….we have joined the 21st century.

Lucky 13!

Three pictures I found that capture history.

It was this face and the attitude that captured my teenage heart.DSC00977

It would take years to date and even a year of living abroad before we walked down the aisle. I feel honored to build a life together, with my best friend at my side.


Along the way we have grown into an entire family: Team Sullivan.


We have been married exactly one third of my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Happy Anniversary.


Another new recipe


with only a few ingredients:
DSC00972 brussels sprouts, onion, dried cranberries, pistachios, and parmesan cheese.

Tide Pools

The boys walked out and swam to the rocks (where they were close enough to see, but too far to call out to).

DSC00917        DSC00919

Olivine collected rocks


while these two were soaking wet from their adventure.

We climbed around


found crabs


What’s that Olivine?


Did you catch one?


Wow his shell is sparkley!


The sunshine sure feels good


with a nice walk, back up the hill


and a beautiful view.


We love the Pacific Ocean.


at the park


for free


performing to music.

Always a lovely show – thank you Bob Baker for the amazing creations.


Between the business of dentist appointments and car services we are still trying to squeeze every last minute of fresh air and sunshine out of our summer.


We threw food in a bag, grabbed a blanket and bikes for a quick drive over the bridge to Cabrillo Aquarium.


Another place with plenty of space and awesome views.


We were even able to make a stop by Long Beach Creamery for ice cream (yum = local + handmade).


Dear Summer, I wish you knew how much good you do for my soul. Thank you, I could not survive without you. Sincerely, the girl who hates heat but loves sunshine and cool breezes by the ocean.

Second Half

The boys were in “full swing”


trying hard to “sock some dingers”


while we sat on the sidelines.
DSC00827This might be their new hang out.


Joe’s choice for dinner: Indian food (Henry snapped this)

and a cheesecake for dessert.

Happy Birthday Mr. Joseph Sullivan. We love you!