Date Night

We no longer deny our mutual desire to head straight to the bookstore and browse. This is such a treat.


Second stop was a local dinner trying hard not to talk about our kids or jobs.


We told silly jokes and enjoyed the silence (no one was asking for anything).


We sampled some new to us drinks.


This one was the most dangerous because it tasted just like Root Beer. I could have had three of these or even a float with this.


Joe and I have been trying new places and not always being so predictable in our food choices. Taking risks is huge, because we are so good with familiar and comfortable.


As for gifts, I only really wanted to get Joe one of these, and when they threw one in for free Joe insisted I take it:


If you are in shock, you should see me. They are the visual representation of Joe and I in size. I am still learning how to answer it and turn it on, but yes….we have joined the 21st century.

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