to focus on the best part of our day.DSC00297to pack lightly for our time at the Bay.DSC00296to forget about the waking up to find a broken refrigerator and scrambling around town with children in tow to find a new one.DSC00301to celebrate the newly fixed parts of our car, rather than focus on the price tag.DSC00308to see the many days stretching ahead, even as we get ready to change our calendar to a new month.DSC00310to look forward to the upcoming weekend.
DSC00312to be spontaneous and forgiving with three little ones.


We made food and went to visit friends with a newborn. Paul was in love with baby Penny. This is  the boy who consistently points out that we need one more baby (just one) because of the empty seat in the car.DSC00237After dinner they borrowed squirt gunsDSC00259and played chase out frontDSC00268in perfect summery sunset weatherDSC00279getting each other wetDSC00285and making me realize how easy it is to be in the moment.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

She eats it right upDSC00226and makes a messDSC00227but I don’t mind cleaning these cheeks.DSC00228Would you?


to the whales overhead.DSC00182to the divers.DSC00193to the sea otters.

DSC00190to the mini moon jellies.DSC00203to the bigger moon jellies.DSC00205to the giant stingrays.

DSC00200to the sea turtle.DSC00210to the many fish.

DSC00209to the papa who holds little ones during a dive show.

DSC00214to the thumb sucking (meaning almost nap time).DSC00221to the morning spent out.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.DSC09854


of play time with Olivine while her brothers were out at the movies.DSC00080of laughing with her wearing a chef hat.
DSC00079of excitement over our produce box, delivered while sleeping.
DSC00067of reading to relate.
DSC00065of fresh fruits and vegetables.DSC00072of attention on the boy wearing a super hero costume.DSC00093of fun with friends for most of the day.DSC00113of big brother love.
DSC00091to be grateful for including a new job teaching reading (part time) at Long Beach City College.

Hello Sand

is my new motto about the Bay.DSC00005 Henry loves to dig holes and carry water over to pour into them.DSC00008They play in the water and go out far enough that the lifeguard reminds them to come closer.DSC00015Not only because they are small but because the tide was low and that meant the drop off was closer.DSC00021For Olivine that meant more sand and shallow water to play in.DSC00025As time went on, more people left and therefore more spaceDSC00031to be free and playDSC00058outside under the sunshineDSC00062until hours later we leave and everyone is wiped out from having fun.


While Olivine is sleeping in the morningDSC09995the boys watch an old episode of Mr. Rogers on the computer (they love him!)DSC09996and then sometimes I sneak away for an evening of long chats with friendsDSC09998enjoying sangria and homemade delicious-ness.
DSC09997I was lucky enough for this to be my Tuesday.

Busy, Busy

Today started off slow with a trip to Trader Joe’s and lunch on the front stoop. But as soon as we arrived at our friends house in Pasadena it was so much PLAY!DSC09864In the front yard with the giant airplaneDSC09865changing to swimsuitsDSC09879and then to the backyard
DSC09871into the treehouse
DSC09875using the basket to get needed suppliesDSC09886kiddie pools
DSC09869tickle festDSC09884rope swings

DSC09906and waiting for the little guy to wake up.
DSC09911Then it was time for riding bikes to the parkDSC09929for more water play
DSC09935a way to stay cool
DSC09937don’t forget the chubby feetDSC09940while the grown ups have a chance to hang out in the shade.DSC09947And then back to the house to see the guinea pig up closeDSC09950for mud partyDSC09955watermelon partyDSC09958and climb on Adam partyDSC09983while the littlest watches all the screaming and big kid play.
DSC09966We take baths, put on pajamas, and little ones crash on the way home. Yahoo for summer time!


the craft fair we headed out to Los Angeles for.DSC09807I found a couple items: dish towels (love them), iron skillet handle cover (mini and cute), and a monogramed letter for Olivine (perfect and letter pressed). Clearly I love the color red.DSC09817I made Joe a terrarium in a mason jar, at their on site DIY class. I even signed up for a CSA box.
DSC09811We tried to make it to the Homegirl Cafe (we got there 3 minutes before closing-darn) so that meant we had to stop off in Little Tokyo
DSC09842for mochi ice cream
DSC09826as our cool downDSC09828and Tina and I ditched everyone to check out the macaroon shopDSC09837eventually someone was a little too stickyDSC09847and we stopped after Paul asked for a drawing (they were free)DSC09840