the craft fair we headed out to Los Angeles for.DSC09807I found a couple items: dish towels (love them), iron skillet handle cover (mini and cute), and a monogramed letter for Olivine (perfect and letter pressed). Clearly I love the color red.DSC09817I made Joe a terrarium in a mason jar, at their on site DIY class. I even signed up for a CSA box.
DSC09811We tried to make it to the Homegirl Cafe (we got there 3 minutes before closing-darn) so that meant we had to stop off in Little Tokyo
DSC09842for mochi ice cream
DSC09826as our cool downDSC09828and Tina and I ditched everyone to check out the macaroon shopDSC09837eventually someone was a little too stickyDSC09847and we stopped after Paul asked for a drawing (they were free)DSC09840

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