Busy, Busy

Today started off slow with a trip to Trader Joe’s and lunch on the front stoop. But as soon as we arrived at our friends house in Pasadena it was so much PLAY!DSC09864In the front yard with the giant airplaneDSC09865changing to swimsuitsDSC09879and then to the backyard
DSC09871into the treehouse
DSC09875using the basket to get needed suppliesDSC09886kiddie pools
DSC09869tickle festDSC09884rope swings

DSC09906and waiting for the little guy to wake up.
DSC09911Then it was time for riding bikes to the parkDSC09929for more water play
DSC09935a way to stay cool
DSC09937don’t forget the chubby feetDSC09940while the grown ups have a chance to hang out in the shade.DSC09947And then back to the house to see the guinea pig up closeDSC09950for mud partyDSC09955watermelon partyDSC09958and climb on Adam partyDSC09983while the littlest watches all the screaming and big kid play.
DSC09966We take baths, put on pajamas, and little ones crash on the way home. Yahoo for summer time!

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