Really Moving

I experienced some real heart break recently with wanting to move. I spent many hours from August through October talking to a home owner about renting her house, only to be disappointed. Without getting into all the details I will say the situation left me questioning my own motives. I wondered if I had suddenly made parking, laundry, and three bedrooms a much bigger deal than I needed it to be.

November was spent mostly being preoccupied with these thoughts. Or maybe I should call them second guesses and self-doubt. I left the boxes packed and refused to make a decision one way or another. Besides I had two birthdays to focus on (Paul and Henry) and a camping trip to plan.

Imagine my surprise when a friend texts me one week ago to say her tenants are moving out January 1. She knows my sadness, has three kids of her own, and offers me the house.

I flip out.

I haven’t stopped flipping out.

Ever since this offer I have texted my friend the most random questions.

Tonight we saw the house and signed the lease. Then came home to finish up our book and the last chapter is called “Going Out”
thumbnail_img_1472about the Ingalls family moving, once again. The beauty and the fear and the excitement of it all is captured so well in these pages.
Paul shouted from his top bunk, “That’s like us!” As the family looks back and realizes change is ahead.

God always has something better than expected. I am still learning how to be patient and obedient and faithful in these moments.

December, for Reals?

Two more months slipped by and my Aunt recently asked if this blog even existed anymore. The answer is “yes!” and I need to write more often. I keep myself sane on this blog by writing and thinking and reflecting. Which bring me to my favorite part of this blog with time passing, I have an opportunity to look back at my family with this space. This was a picture Joe recently found. Melts my heart :: these three guys. I guess I do like to dress them as twins!006_img_9679-x2Thankfully my dear friend Janet is photographing my family still, at least once a year for an annual Christmas card (that I swear is on its way to your mailbox). If you want her info I will pass it along. She is uh-maz-ing!

She does a great job at candid and posed shots. She always captures us. All five of us. I love this shot below from November. Henry jumping, Paul holding Luke, all of us holding hands looking toward to ocean and our future together. Wow. thumbnail__wp_0071-cr2Once again I am feeling blessed. So much to catch up on. I have four part-time jobs these days, all of which I love. I still have time to volunteer in the classroom or have breakfast with friends in the middle of the week. My eye is twitching for the fourth week now, but it is probably stress related. What stress you ask?? The potential move. Fingers crossed, my heart has already been broken once recently over a house. But if it all works out we are moving January One.
Break will be here in two to three weeks. We are gearing up right now in order to rest soon. Rather than continue to avoid this space, I came back for a brief hello on this Friday afternoon.

Or as I have been referring to it lately…Fri-yay!