are the moments where I catch myself in the moment. LIke the other day when I came home to find this jar on my nightstand with the surprise gift from my little boys and a bedroom that smelled like a garden.


Imagine my heart ache when I came home the very next day to discover this:


This fleeting feeling of life surrounds my thoughts and my comfort comes in remembering the beauty while it lasted.

Word Play

One of my favorite parts of listening to Henry’s growing vocabulary is how he takes ideas and makes connections that we as adults would never make. Like this morning we had a follow up foot appt. to his accident last week. Diagnosis: infection and needing antibiotics. He handled the hour well and so when he asked for a pineapple smoothie afterwards we said sure.


When he saw this out the window


He said “Look, a tree smoothie!”

Mini Milestone

Today families were invited to Paul’s T/K class for singing, awards, and snacks.
DSC08412I love his teacher
DSC08425 and the principalDSC08422 and yes, I cried, to see my little boy with his classmates and realize that this school year went by so fast.
DSC08434 Besides reading, writing, and counting this year he also had his first crush (She’s a cutie!)


My friend Sarah has a daughter named Fiona who is a petit three year oldDSC08396who lovingly passed on some awesome pairs of shoes.


So suddenly our little walker has a whole shoe collection (yay!)


but I think if it had been up to her she would have been fine taking home the play kitchen with the sound of a magical boiling pot that lit up.DSC08394I wish I could include the sound she made..sounded like an “ohhhh” with a chuckle.

Memorial Day

I woke up to find I had no more chai so I made another batch, but this time I used some cinnamon a friend sent in the mail. Since it was a holiday I splurged with whip cream on top!
DSC08352Baby girl has officially started to walk so we have new shoes.
DSC08354 She likes to play with the velcro which helps distract her from tugging at pig tails.
DSC08359We also like the matching books by Eric Carle because then we make all sorts of animal sounds.
DSC08356Dinner with family and a quick stop over at a friend’s house
DSC08360with babies on wheels
DSC08361 in every directionDSC08362 and Henry tried to ignore the bum foot.


We have books in shelves, bins, stacks, and piles which I am fond of because books serve a multitude of purposes.
I am finding comfort and healing in the pages of a Henri Nouwen book (love him)
DSC08342 and also finding books that sometimes better express how I feel so that I can talk with my children about griefDSC08344 while Henry is learning all about the body from a book he loves.
DSC08347Paul is practicing his decoding
DSC08345but also his comprehensionDSC08346and then using books to inspire creative play.
DSC08340Joe is happy to thumb through the newest addition in our vintage book collection this one from the author Lois Lenski (She rocks)DSC08343 We have already started compiling our summer reading list.


We are lingering longer in pajamas and watching Mr. Rogers episodes on-lineDSC08328while Henry is mostly on the couch with frequent icing and elevating.
DSC08336Joe made lemonade
DSC08323 while I made my friend Cara a birthday cake topper in the form of a mini banner (because I am better at crafting than baking-Thank you Whole Foods). An evening out with lady friends talking about teaching and weddings.DSC08333 Paul spent the morning crafting an elaborate diver costume.
DSC08338 He becomes insistent with his ideas, but I am always blown away by his creativity
DSC08339and I redirected his frustration about a mask that wasn’t turning out like he imagined, by quickly making a “sea cave” with a blanket and tossed in treasure pieces for him to dive after.DSC08341I sometimes wish real life problem solving was this easy.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Another Trip

Today we called with enough time to avoid urgent care and instead get a same day appointment for Henry. I raced home from work when Joe called to say Henry had hurt himself while stretching his leg out into the moving wheel of the bicycle, while wearing flip flops. When I came in the door this is how I found him.
DSC08309Joe took him and said he was exceptionally patient while they x-rayed him.
DSC08310 Two hours later, they came back with a sprained, wrapped, ankle.
DSC08311 Bonus: he was given dinner on the couch so he could keep his foot elevated
DSC08314 and after dinner was done we gathered around to read stories
DSC08320 and share lollipops
DSC08321and he will say he only has one leg right now. He isn’t supposed to walk, climb, run, etc. If you know our Henry, this is near impossible. He is our go, go guy.

Pineapple Party

We bought a pineapple tonight after plenty of inquiries by Henry. Repeatedly he has pointed it out at the market wondering aloud “what is that?” and “can we buy it?” Like any loving parent: we gave in.
After dinner we set it on Olivine’s tray, not realizing she was not so fond of its texture, size, or shape. Yikes!IMG_2153 Joe whisked it away, to the cutting board, using our wonderful tool
IMG_2156that will slice off skin and core it in just a few twists.
IMG_2159All of which made Olivine calm but still serious
IMG_2160 and I can’t forget that for all the hard work there is a reward (in liquid form).IMG_2161She quickly discovered the sweetness of this new fruit
IMG_2162or as her cousin Fiona likes to rate fruit- I think Olivine would say this was a real “elbow-licker”
IMG_2166and Henry would agree
IMG_2168 while Paul’s face says it all.
IMG_2171Dessert is sometimes like a party and we love that.