We are lingering longer in pajamas and watching Mr. Rogers episodes on-lineDSC08328while Henry is mostly on the couch with frequent icing and elevating.
DSC08336Joe made lemonade
DSC08323 while I made my friend Cara a birthday cake topper in the form of a mini banner (because I am better at crafting than baking-Thank you Whole Foods). An evening out with lady friends talking about teaching and weddings.DSC08333 Paul spent the morning crafting an elaborate diver costume.
DSC08338 He becomes insistent with his ideas, but I am always blown away by his creativity
DSC08339and I redirected his frustration about a mask that wasn’t turning out like he imagined, by quickly making a “sea cave” with a blanket and tossed in treasure pieces for him to dive after.DSC08341I sometimes wish real life problem solving was this easy.

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