{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. DSC09144mochi ice cream, mango flavor


are these days with friendsDSC09055at the parkDSC09050enjoying the warm weather.

We are hyper aware of the no homework, no planning, no grading, no rushing rhythm of the school year ending and we have been given the unbelievable gift of time with each other

DSC09069and with ourselves.DSC09074There are many meals enjoyed outdoorsDSC09081and naps being skipped over

DSC09076so that little ones tire themselves out to the point of passing out

DSC09078or share books before bed

DSC09063under open windows.DSC09065I will take one moment to brag about how efficient Joe and I have become with packing to go or come home from the Bay.DSC09087While I bathe little ones (all one shower) and then prepare dinner, he hoses down and dries of the gear and vacuums the car. Go Team Sullivan!

DSC09089We are taking full advantage of the farmer’s market seasonal produceDSC09093with Paul insisting on corn because he loves the little sticks used for holding itDSC09097and so we are feasting together.DSC09095After dinner, this little girl turns into a strawberry monsterDSC09099and makes crazy faces as soon as she sees a camera.DSC09100These moments have to be recorded because they will get me through the school yearDSC09102when these carefree days feel far away and I look back to know we spent our time well.


in PasadenaDSC08934is a perfect museum for all three of my kids.DSC08935They love the turtlesDSC08910and the bike ridingDSC08928with a track to followDSC08959and sidelines where we sit and wave

DSC08958and the gardens

DSC08938where there are watering cans.DSC08948The highlight might be the creek where the boys could play in the waterDSC08953and someone watches patiently (she stands like my ji’chan)DSC08946

knowing that she will have a turn in her bathing suit catching water spouting from the ground.DSC08978She will also let us know with a little sign language that she is “all done”DSC08981and because we brought our own lunch when we are back in the carDSC08982some of us fall asleep before we reach the freeway.



Taking Henry to the doctor this week, he was greeted with smiles and phrases like “You’re back so soon” or “Again it’s Henry.” This is how often my son is visiting the hospital these days.DSC09030He has a part of his cheek that seems irritated for over a week and I sincerely thought it was ringworm

DSC09031but yay, only dermatitis and easily treated with aveeno and vaseline.

Crack Up

My daughter is insanely funny and smart so that today when we were at the playground she heard Henry say “I have to go pee.”DSC09057What does she do? She walks straight over to a tree and lifts up her shirt.DSC09058Do you see the leaning? She has studied up on this.DSC09059This girl has no idea she is any different than her brothers, in age or gender.DSC09061Believe me, I needed to laugh out loud today. Thank you Olivine, you crack me up!

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. IMG_4268



Olivine and her cousin Fiona coincidentally own the same swimsuitDSC08988good taste must run in the familyDSC08991because they both enjoyed an impromptu watermelon partyDSC08993It was if when they looked at each other: Olivine wondered how she could learn such a magical tongue talent while Fiona took notes on walking for her awaiting debut (maybe she is holding out for her birthday next month when she turns one?)DSC08994

and a little pool time with papasImageProxy.mvc

while Paul lounged on a chair asking for watermelon to be delivered to his chair (He understands summer vacation)DSC08986

and our Henry was down the hill, at the plum tree, in the baby pool, on a toy, blowing bubbles, and too busy to stop for a photo.

These summer days pass quickly with so much fun and family time.

Bay Day

The first of many Wednesdays spent at the bay (three years in a row).DSC08894Each year our children are at a different stage and this year it’s all three walking and heading in different directions.DSC08893We are getting better at packing for our adventure. I have to carefully invest in key items. My newest being the plastic mat that is baby and food friendly so towels can be used for drying off. I don’t love sand everywhere.DSC08889Next on my list: boogie boards. Our Henry will spend hours in the water entertaining himself or coaxing his sister into taking a ride.DSC08896My favorite part is bedtime. We spent five hours outdoors today, came home to bathe and eat, by 6:30 pm my house is silent. This is beautiful.

Farmer’s Market

So glad we went and meet friends for dinner last night. We stocked up on a sweet bounty of ripe, delicious fruit.DSC08888This morning Olivine was signing for more as soon as she saw the bowls on the counter. How much fruit can one baby handle??DSC08884No worries all seeds are removed thanks to a gift my Ji’chan gave us awhile back. He’s really never far from our lives.



As the baby  in our family, Olivine is spoiled just a little each day by yanking on Joe’s hat and then happily walking around with her prizeDSC08852or climbing up next to daddy and insisting she listen to music tooDSC08878at this age we aren’t saying “no” much and that might be because she is so adorable we get distracted.