are these days with friendsDSC09055at the parkDSC09050enjoying the warm weather.

We are hyper aware of the no homework, no planning, no grading, no rushing rhythm of the school year ending and we have been given the unbelievable gift of time with each other

DSC09069and with ourselves.DSC09074There are many meals enjoyed outdoorsDSC09081and naps being skipped over

DSC09076so that little ones tire themselves out to the point of passing out

DSC09078or share books before bed

DSC09063under open windows.DSC09065I will take one moment to brag about how efficient Joe and I have become with packing to go or come home from the Bay.DSC09087While I bathe little ones (all one shower) and then prepare dinner, he hoses down and dries of the gear and vacuums the car. Go Team Sullivan!

DSC09089We are taking full advantage of the farmer’s market seasonal produceDSC09093with Paul insisting on corn because he loves the little sticks used for holding itDSC09097and so we are feasting together.DSC09095After dinner, this little girl turns into a strawberry monsterDSC09099and makes crazy faces as soon as she sees a camera.DSC09100These moments have to be recorded because they will get me through the school yearDSC09102when these carefree days feel far away and I look back to know we spent our time well.

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