in PasadenaDSC08934is a perfect museum for all three of my kids.DSC08935They love the turtlesDSC08910and the bike ridingDSC08928with a track to followDSC08959and sidelines where we sit and wave

DSC08958and the gardens

DSC08938where there are watering cans.DSC08948The highlight might be the creek where the boys could play in the waterDSC08953and someone watches patiently (she stands like my ji’chan)DSC08946

knowing that she will have a turn in her bathing suit catching water spouting from the ground.DSC08978She will also let us know with a little sign language that she is “all done”DSC08981and because we brought our own lunch when we are back in the carDSC08982some of us fall asleep before we reach the freeway.


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