Carrying On

as best we can with heavy hearts, but children make it easier to go through this grieving with their daily routines


and opening ourselves up to articulate answers to questions only little ones imagine in relation to death.

DSC07692Their affection for one another reminds me that as one page ends, another begins

DSC07708as life continues.

DSC07669We will be taking many moments to say a word of thanks for our Ji’chan and the giving that continues

DSC07672as the boys enjoy treats he gave them last week, wear boots he picked out, dress in police costumes because he was their hero, and sing songs made up on the spot about him.

DSC07716Seconds later they have moved on. Tonight it was the game of making a “baby bunk bed” and she played right along with them.

DSC07719After Paul wrote this kind- three sentence apology letter to his teacher about the pony he took in secret. We are putting one foot in front of the other and stepping bravely forward.

A Full Life

is one of the many phrases I have heard repeated over the last couple days to describe my Ji’chan.

He was the one I can say without a doubt found his true love.DSC07652

He grew up in the Central Valley, joined the military and survived the Japanese Internment of World War II. I learned these stories first hand, almost 22 years ago


when I sat down in my backyard to interview him for a school project. I had no idea then, the stories that would be revealed.DSC07675

He was the one who Joe approached to ask for a blessing in our marriage and less than a year later, he was the one who walked me down the aisle.DSC07681

He was the one who continued on after my Ba’chan passed away.

DSC07705Proving us all wrong. Although his heart ached every day for her, he found joy in life and made sure to take care of those around him.


He was the one I named my first born after. Doubtless Joe or I could find a more worthy honor for our son.jich-with-new-paul

He was the one who was few on words but great in action. He loved with such consistency, thoughtfulness, and fullness.DSC07430

He was the one who went to his volunteer job last Thursday, like he has done for years, and after coming home, while taking a nap, departed in peace.


He will be missed by many.DSC07707

Around Here

We are approaching finals for Joe, being generally busy, and discovering Paul has a growing interest in painting.


He also has a papa who when asked to make a ninja turtle sash to carry his sword, he can instantly have one created, and he will wear it all day long (it’s a sock and some felt, really!)DSC07638

We gravitate toward one another so that as I cook dinner the kitchen becomes a lively sound of playing at the table.

DSC07588Once in awhile I give in and we have a picnic dinner on the kitchen floor.

DSC07594The boys like the idea of eating with baby, rather than having her be in a chair.

DSC07593She is endlessly entertaining with her silliness like “hey, check out my legs”

DSC07600or the casual “I can stand now” pose that passes before I can snag a clear photo.

DSC07604She knows she is dollDSC07603and will make raspberry sounds on her tummy which cracks herself up.

DSC07611She will also climb onto the same chair as her brothers did at her age and jibber jabber to no one in particular, but as soon as  a stranger or neighbor appears and talks back to her, she clams up.DSC07627

She has marker fingers

DSC07632and a look that forces me to put down the camera and embrace her before these days slip away.DSC07635

I am signing off for the next few days because this little pumpkin and I are headed to Portland.

Double Babies

Today was a chance to hang out with cousin- Miss Fiona and enjoy an afternoon of busy babies (in tribute to one of Olivine’s favorite picture books these days- Busy Bunnies).


They shared food and splashed in the water.


stood on the step and made faces.

DSC07531 slurped up some dessert.

DSC07542watched big boys swing

DSC07554and squeal


from the safety of the giant trampolineDSC07566

until there was a joy ride around the backyard


a bit too fast for momma to watch.DSC07579

pointed at the kitty with mini legs.


We closed the day out with a double bath for double babies


and everyone fell asleep on the car ride home from having too much fun.


at India’s afternoon birthday bash seen in the flushed cheeks of little ones.DSC07478in the jumpy house, so they used towels for protection.
DSC07484 enough to go barefoot in the grass.DSC07491 in the shade, out of direct sunlight, and relieved when the sun passes to the backside of the house.


We hung out at Ji’chan’s this morning
DSC07426arriving as Olivine fell asleep.
DSC07439When she woke up she had missed the meal which was perfect
DSC07431because Jich always has plenty of snacks
DSC07436to share.
DSC07441We sat on the porch for awhile
DSC07445until there was a gathering of
DSC07447game playing on the computer together.
DSC07453Do I blame Paul for continuing to ask when he can sleep over at Jich’s? It’s too much fun, always.

Mr. Henry

He’s got an endless amount of expression. Here’s his tough guy at the bus stop, wearing a backpack like his brother (even though he doesn’t go to school yet), as he points out every motorcycle that zooms by.


Project Simplify: Shelves (Part Two)

So the challenge this week was closets but I had already done my closet recently. I decided to find more shelves (specifically in the kitchen).
We have managed in our busy lives to just stuff certain shelves. It’s the kind of shelf that feels like Jenga, one wrong move and it might all just topple out-so be quick in grabbing what you need.
DSC07454I pulled everything out, threw some stuff out, cleaned, and mainly organized. Now you can take as long as you need to grab something.
DSC07463The shelf above was less messy, rather just needed cleaning, and that feels more tidy.
DSC07464The white basket came from this cupboard where we had an overstock of “baby stuff.” This shelf signifies also the awareness that my little girl is needing less of this baby stuff. Unlike previous years where it got moved to a closet for saving, this time I tossed most of the stuff knowing I am not having anymore babies.
DSC07456Wow, I have space that is empty and that feels very satisfying.
DSC07461A little room to grow.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. DSC07393

Poem in Your Pocket

Today is the celebration of poetry with the idea that you carry a poem around in your pocket to share with others and Paul’s school participated.DSC07353As part of his homework he wrote a poem last night.I did a mini lesson on poetry and he actually understands a lot. So he came up with this poem all on his own. He then wrote it down, and then I helped him type it up. Papa printed it on a card and we added stickers, before he laminated it for his pocket.

IMG_2044Did we also mention how proud we are of his student of the month award. Go Paul!

DSC07137He is our superstar poet in residence. We feel so blessed to have him in our home.