Carrying On

as best we can with heavy hearts, but children make it easier to go through this grieving with their daily routines


and opening ourselves up to articulate answers to questions only little ones imagine in relation to death.

DSC07692Their affection for one another reminds me that as one page ends, another begins

DSC07708as life continues.

DSC07669We will be taking many moments to say a word of thanks for our Ji’chan and the giving that continues

DSC07672as the boys enjoy treats he gave them last week, wear boots he picked out, dress in police costumes because he was their hero, and sing songs made up on the spot about him.

DSC07716Seconds later they have moved on. Tonight it was the game of making a “baby bunk bed” and she played right along with them.

DSC07719After Paul wrote this kind- three sentence apology letter to his teacher about the pony he took in secret. We are putting one foot in front of the other and stepping bravely forward.

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