Plant Tour

As small as the porch out back is, we have managed to squeeze in some fresh basil (Thanks Trader Joe’s-only $2.99).DSC02624and Paul’s pumpkin seeds have blossoms every so often which we admire.DSC02627Then there are the tiny plants that need hardly any attention
DSC02622and this gift.DSC02621
Paul had a play date yesterday and he wanted to get a “thank you” gift. He originally picked out rosemary (he digs the smell) but then when he spied this bamboo and decided it fit Thomas perfectly. His friend loves Panda Bears. Plus it had a Chinese New Year- red envelope which we put a dollar inside of.

Around here

I am aware that as February approaches, my second job will start back up and these Saturday mornings will be missed. For now, we love the seventy-five degree weather and will soak up the sunshine.

The boys are content to ride bikes around the marina and come home for some out back play while little girl sleeps.

DSC02619When I peek in on her, I find she has propped up her books and says “me read baby.”

DSC02615A little while later when I can’t hear her voice, I find she has fallen asleep.Today has been breathing treatments every two hours for her, so I know this nap was needed.DSC02620By 7 pm dinner has been served and children are sleeping, I guess this  is part of the new schedule: exhaustion.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.DSC02604


Luckily none of us are contagious anymore. This means we can all be together, even if we aren’t in perfect health.DSC02606Like this scene before school with Olivine having a breathing treatment and being kept company with lots of talking from Henry. These two are inseparable.DSC02608Then there’s the 9 am phone call at work about Henry not being able to stay in child care because of crying , coughing, lethargy, tummy ache, and asthma. My brain thinks worse case scenario as I leave my class to my co-worker and speed over to get him. As soon as I see him, I am relieved. He definitely needs a breathing treatment, takes a three hour nap, but as the day goes on I realize with all the transition around here (with our schedules) he is having an old fashioned heart ache for some time just with his momma.
DSC02611And as a follow up to my two times being diagnosed with strep in the last month. We found the culprit. It’s that smiley faced boy above. DSC02602Turns out he has had strep butt for weeks. Happily, this did not spread to others in a shared bath. But it did infect me (twice) and so he has been on medicine (twice daily)DSC02603Plus he has needed medicated cream, all of which is creating some regression when it comes to being readily able to use the toilet. This all makes sense, so when I got that phone call today, I couldn’t really be sure of anything until I saw his face. As soon as I did, I realized, he needs more hugs. Don’t all of us??

And since we aren’t contagious, we are having a hug party around these parts, knowing that we have one more day apart. We can make it!


After all the build up, I am happy to report we are doing it! I know you weren’t really that worried (I was).  This party of five is waking up early, making lunches, dividing labor, checking homework, washing dishes, and then passing out at bedtime.DSC_1279These new hours are forcing Joe to leave behind his reddit readings that leave him up until 2 am (I say it’s a carry over from his youthful days of graffiti). Meanwhile we are learning that doing a little prep the night before saves time in the morning.
DSC02601In all the transition we are even managing to squeeze in new recipes, like the tofu pot pies thanks to my fellow vegetarian, Cara. So easy and all eaten up.
DSC02600I will say my favorite part has been seeing everyone in the morning. We have even been sneaking in Henry’s room to take his Corduroy teddy bear (from the book) and hide him around the house. Henry likes to imagine that Corduroy is going on “field trips” or adventures while we are all sleeping. Last night, he was looking out the window.DSC_1287 One by one, they come out of the room in their pajamas. I get a little cuddle time in the morning which (for this working momma) is a dream. It makes leaving a little harder because when it’s usually dark and quiet there may now be calls or pleas for me to stay, BUT I LOVE seeing their faces before I leave. They have no idea that I used to tiptoe in their rooms and kiss their sleeping heads.


is the best way to describe the emotions around our house lately as Joe gets ready to start student teaching tomorrow.

For the last six years this man has been raising our children full time (not babysitting) with bottle feedings, diaper changes, co-op working, bike cart riding, and many days of hugs with kisses. When Paul was born he left work and has looked back often, wondering why college has taken so long, discouraged at teacher’s assignments, and feeling like it is all taking forever. Just as many times, I have said to him that he will look back at this season as a gift from God that is priceless and went by too fast.

So here we are, on the eve of a life changing moment in our family. We will all wake up early (I am usually alone, creeping around in darkness) and Joe will pass our children into someone else’s care while he treks off to a local fifth grade class. My prayers will be with him.

Earlier today he found this butterfly in the grassDSC02575dead and fully intact. So we brought it home for little ones to look at closer. But for me, a symbol and reminder of the seasons that so easily come and go. Time is fleeting.

Tea Party

This afternoon while Joe and Henry were at the laundromat, Paul invited Olivine and I to a tea party.DSC02583Olivine had sound effects to go with the pouring of the tea.
DSC02577I love watching her hold the tiny saucers in her hands with newly painted finger nails.
DSC02580He made us grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and served up a platter of fruit. Olivine surprised me by naming all the fruits.DSC02585She is much better at pretend play than I am. She raved to Paul about how good the food was with “Yum” and “More” which had him smiling ear to ear.DSC02592
Even after her insisting we eat everything with “all” and showed few table manner for a girl at afternoon tea.DSC02590I was then impressed when she used her napkinDSC02594and reminded me to use mine.

Party, Party

Every year these friends throw birthday parties and every year I am shocked at our growing families.Joey1978 RulezTheir little guy turned three
Joey1978 RulezWe played BINGO (with a little help, Henry won).Joey1978 RulezThe perfect game for this guyJoey1978 RulezWe have learned to pack pajamas and little ones will sleep on the way home. We leave right around bed timeJoey1978 Rulezgiving us an evening to hang out.
We watched Black Fish (so sad, but so good) and some episodes of Louie so we could laugh.

{This Moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.



Today I woke up at 4 am and realized I would not make it to work. So I made sub plans and went to the doctors. Strep for the second time in two weeks. Ugh!DSC02470They prescribed something stronger and I took a nap. By the time we all made it outside together it was sunset time.
DSC02475We walked out on the bridge and checked on the moon jellies. There were a ton.
DSC02513And because it is deep and dark I have this terrible feeling my baby will fall in. My legs ache and I get very helicopter style. See how close to the edge this little one will get. All the while swatting my hand away if I try to hold on to her shirt.
DSC02504On our walk they found golf balls that they brought home to play stuffed animal soccer. Super cute. Olivine was technically the only player with her piggie, while they each played goalie.DSC02524Then before bed, I listened as Papa read one of my favorites: Stellaluna.DSC02527I love the line from the end of the book “How can we be so different and feel so much alike?”