Luckily none of us are contagious anymore. This means we can all be together, even if we aren’t in perfect health.DSC02606Like this scene before school with Olivine having a breathing treatment and being kept company with lots of talking from Henry. These two are inseparable.DSC02608Then there’s the 9 am phone call at work about Henry not being able to stay in child care because of crying , coughing, lethargy, tummy ache, and asthma. My brain thinks worse case scenario as I leave my class to my co-worker and speed over to get him. As soon as I see him, I am relieved. He definitely needs a breathing treatment, takes a three hour nap, but as the day goes on I realize with all the transition around here (with our schedules) he is having an old fashioned heart ache for some time just with his momma.
DSC02611And as a follow up to my two times being diagnosed with strep in the last month. We found the culprit. It’s that smiley faced boy above. DSC02602Turns out he has had strep butt for weeks. Happily, this did not spread to others in a shared bath. But it did infect me (twice) and so he has been on medicine (twice daily)DSC02603Plus he has needed medicated cream, all of which is creating some regression when it comes to being readily able to use the toilet. This all makes sense, so when I got that phone call today, I couldn’t really be sure of anything until I saw his face. As soon as I did, I realized, he needs more hugs. Don’t all of us??

And since we aren’t contagious, we are having a hug party around these parts, knowing that we have one more day apart. We can make it!

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