After all the build up, I am happy to report we are doing it! I know you weren’t really that worried (I was).  This party of five is waking up early, making lunches, dividing labor, checking homework, washing dishes, and then passing out at bedtime.DSC_1279These new hours are forcing Joe to leave behind his reddit readings that leave him up until 2 am (I say it’s a carry over from his youthful days of graffiti). Meanwhile we are learning that doing a little prep the night before saves time in the morning.
DSC02601In all the transition we are even managing to squeeze in new recipes, like the tofu pot pies thanks to my fellow vegetarian, Cara. So easy and all eaten up.
DSC02600I will say my favorite part has been seeing everyone in the morning. We have even been sneaking in Henry’s room to take his Corduroy teddy bear (from the book) and hide him around the house. Henry likes to imagine that Corduroy is going on “field trips” or adventures while we are all sleeping. Last night, he was looking out the window.DSC_1287 One by one, they come out of the room in their pajamas. I get a little cuddle time in the morning which (for this working momma) is a dream. It makes leaving a little harder because when it’s usually dark and quiet there may now be calls or pleas for me to stay, BUT I LOVE seeing their faces before I leave. They have no idea that I used to tiptoe in their rooms and kiss their sleeping heads.

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