is the best way to describe the emotions around our house lately as Joe gets ready to start student teaching tomorrow.

For the last six years this man has been raising our children full time (not babysitting) with bottle feedings, diaper changes, co-op working, bike cart riding, and many days of hugs with kisses. When Paul was born he left work and has looked back often, wondering why college has taken so long, discouraged at teacher’s assignments, and feeling like it is all taking forever. Just as many times, I have said to him that he will look back at this season as a gift from God that is priceless and went by too fast.

So here we are, on the eve of a life changing moment in our family. We will all wake up early (I am usually alone, creeping around in darkness) and Joe will pass our children into someone else’s care while he treks off to a local fifth grade class. My prayers will be with him.

Earlier today he found this butterfly in the grassDSC02575dead and fully intact. So we brought it home for little ones to look at closer. But for me, a symbol and reminder of the seasons that so easily come and go. Time is fleeting.

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