Tea Party

This afternoon while Joe and Henry were at the laundromat, Paul invited Olivine and I to a tea party.DSC02583Olivine had sound effects to go with the pouring of the tea.
DSC02577I love watching her hold the tiny saucers in her hands with newly painted finger nails.
DSC02580He made us grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and served up a platter of fruit. Olivine surprised me by naming all the fruits.DSC02585She is much better at pretend play than I am. She raved to Paul about how good the food was with “Yum” and “More” which had him smiling ear to ear.DSC02592
Even after her insisting we eat everything with “all” and showed few table manner for a girl at afternoon tea.DSC02590I was then impressed when she used her napkinDSC02594and reminded me to use mine.

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