When Henry goes to the Child Development Center and Paul goes to the Co-op there is morning chunk of time to spend holding Olivine close.


Taking her in the shower with me.


Passing her off to her father where she proceeds to relax and fly around the house.


Looking a lot like Paul- who had the notorious nickname “milk monster” with this same expression.



to help give the baby a bath


to carry the baby


to feed the baby


to give the baby Vitamin D


to see the tiny folds in her arm that show her chubbiness


to count and tickle the toes sticking out 
to document these early days

Each One

Joe has been deliberate about giving each of the boys some much needed individual attention.

Yesterday with Paul that meant attending his preschool’s field trip.

They rode a double decker bus to the Nature Center


exploring the outdoors, gazing at sunbathing turtles,


and imitating owl eyes.


This morning Henry was more than happy to have some daddy time in the shower.


Meanwhile I can’t stop being intrigued by the tiny parts of Miss Olivine.


I can happily share that her stump is gone and she has a perfect little belly button as of this morning.


She is also lifting her head, turning from side to side as she hears her brother’s voices.


Each of us is well fed thanks to the meal train, plus the random stopping by of folks who bring treats like flowers (or beer for Joe). We are grateful for each one that has blessed us in the recent days.


One week

We have been home from the hospital one week and Olivine had her first check up this morning.


So far, so good: with weight gain and growth already.


These two big brothers have been extraordinary in showing love, patience, and concern for their sister. They bring her diapers, kiss her gently, show her books, and have embraced her fully. At times Paul will announce “I love my baby sister” in case we have forgotten. While Henry wakes up saying “baby” so we know it is first on his mind.


This afternoon, a sink bath for our wide eyed girl.


Just starting

to draw oceans and divers and sea creatures in these beautiful swirls. Paul is already showing some art skills from dad.


When Henry randomly went potty we decided to capitalize on the moment and put him in underwear. For him..this may be the beginning of potty training.


to head back to church meant the embracing of a baby who has been anticipated by many. It feels a bit like coming home.


Last night it was back to class with a wonderful welcome of homemade cupcakes


some friendly BINGO


and some sweet gifts for Olivine.


Yes, I have amazing classmates in my program!


This morning was the snapshot of Olivine’s role in our family.


The baby girl who will be the center of attention.

These three guys are in love with her, just the way she is.


She also barely peeked at the Pacific Ocean this morning. She seems so content to just be held close to hearts, while we all soaked in a little sunshine.




The most amazing woman I have ever known (Ba’chan is Japanese for grandma).

She passed away before I ever became a momma and it has left a hole in my heart.

I often wonder what advice she would give me or stories she would tell or questions she would answer if she was still here.

Now that I have a baby girl- I only wish she could see her face.

And then today

I went to visit my Ji’chan (grandpa) and he gave me the most intimate gift:

A baby blanket- the last one my ba’chan ever made- crochetted with a hood in perfect pink.


The last four years tucked away in his closet because as he put it “She knew there was a baby girl coming.” And that is who she was…always prepared, always thinking of others, always making me feel loved..even today.


The love in that blanket snuggles Olivine close, reminding us that even our farthest away loved ones are blessing us.


I can’t wait to start telling her the stories and sharing the photos about her beautiful Ba’chan.



food (brought by our church family along with a meal train)


sweetness (Henry kissing his sister)


joy (to see all my children sharing Olivine’s first bath)


amazement (that this is the face I wondered about for the last ten months)



I am spending this brief moment staring at the calendar where Paul wrote down that baby was expected today. I am reminded that I am ultimately not in control and it has become the life lesson I struggle with. I always want a plan, but sometimes there is an even better plan if I can be patient or listen closely.


Thank you for water in many forms. This mother’s milk tea is helping me to enjoy the rain outside the window and reflect on the gifts I have been given- daily.


Thank you to this awesome, patient birth partner who is simultaneously my best friend and wonderful papa. He is wearing baby this morning (thanks to Angela’s gift of a new moby wrap) while cooking breakfast and putting away hospital gear.

Maybe the resemblance is a bit like Clark Kent?? I don’t think it’s just the glasses.


Thank you Rebecca- the sister who saved the day- watching our boys and finding time to do a little crafting as a welcome home blessing.


Thank you Grammy for a baby girl blanket that looks so much like neopolitan ice cream- it’s delicious.


Thank you for time for rest


and coming back together as a family to find our routine


where we fit together


the five of us…just like a glove!


Home Sweet Home

Happy Valentine’s Day. We are feeling lots of love today, now that we are home from the hospital (four days we’ve been gone).

It is always easiest for me to tell stories from the beginning so here is the abbreviated version with highlights.

Friday night I went to sleep as normal but woke up out of sleep before midnight with aches and pains.

After midnight I asked Joe to start timing these “contractions” and see if there was a pattern. My closest description was it felt like someone tightening a belt around my abdomen and it was uncomfortable. Of course they were coming ten minutes apart so I tried to go back to sleep.

They soon became five minutes apart and then I had Joe call his sister. She showed up within a half hour and we left for the hospital.


We got to the hospital around 4 am where I labored more.


As has happened in my two previous pregnancies, no dialation meant we prepared for surgery. Which Joe is always giddy about because this means baby comes really soon and I get super sad, because it means crazy cutting and medicine and all that scary stuff.


I am going to spare you all the details of the complications that occured this third time around and get to the best, most worth it part. 

Introducing Miss….

Olivine Clare Sullivan

arriving at 8:04 am on Saturday Feb. 11, 2012 at 6 lbs. 8 oz. (my smallest baby yet), nine days early.


Joe met me in recovery with the baby.


The boys got to meet her that afternoon and we had a birthday party for her.


We spent Sunday, Monday, and part of today…sleeping, eating, sending photos and emails. Mostly resting for our arrival home.


Travel was smooth and we made home in time for dinner.


As I write this, Olivine is sleeping snug in her bed and I am off to join her.


Thank you for your prayers. We are all safe and at home now…we hope you will visit in the next few weeks.