Each One

Joe has been deliberate about giving each of the boys some much needed individual attention.

Yesterday with Paul that meant attending his preschool’s field trip.

They rode a double decker bus to the Nature Center


exploring the outdoors, gazing at sunbathing turtles,


and imitating owl eyes.


This morning Henry was more than happy to have some daddy time in the shower.


Meanwhile I can’t stop being intrigued by the tiny parts of Miss Olivine.


I can happily share that her stump is gone and she has a perfect little belly button as of this morning.


She is also lifting her head, turning from side to side as she hears her brother’s voices.


Each of us is well fed thanks to the meal train, plus the random stopping by of folks who bring treats like flowers (or beer for Joe). We are grateful for each one that has blessed us in the recent days.


One response to “Each One

  1. Ricardo Frias

    They still need to put a double heart on this posterous options!!!!

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