New for Us

a baby girl who talks way more than her brothers did at this age.

IMG_0728She has become fascinated with watching folks on phones

and now she is practicing on her own.


She has also been standing a ton

so that means we lowered her crib in fear that she would jump out.


They like carrying her and then hugging her together,

making a “baby sandwich.”


She is quickly finding herself snuggled up with Henry

like tonight at story time

and when I think she is being smothered

she giggles and I know she really loves it.


Everyone is back in school, which also means back around the germs, and I am thankful that they are adjusting to the breathing treatments. I hate how shaky the medicine makes them, but I also noticed they are stuffed up and coughing in their sleep. Like the doctor said, I am administering the doses at the first symptons and I just pray for no hospital trips.


Out and About

The weather cleared up

so we decided to go to Downtown Los Angeles.


This included the tiled streets of Olvera Street where


there is so much to take in.

DSC06806Thankfully our boys find themselves laughing at the same strange findings


I couldn’t resist buying Olivne her first set of bangles.

DSC06808Then it was crepes for lunch.


Joe had espresso in the cutest cup ever.


Then we saw the famous one man band,

where he dedicated a song to Paul and Henry


and I found a brand new (to me) macaroon shop in Little Tokyo


with flavors like pistachio, rose, and salted caramel.


We spent some time wandering through the Japanese American Museum.

DSC06837A place to visit and be reminded of a history closely tied to our family.


Then without naps we headed straight to Elijah’s second birthday party

DSC06839where the favors were a cute photo of him and a lotto ticket (yahoo).


On our way home, with kids passed out from the hours spent in the jumpy house


we swung by our local coffee shop where my co-worker mentioned the ice cream sandwich truck would be.

She was totally right and it was totally the same guys making cookie sandwiches at the party two weeks ago.

IMG_0721They remembered me and hooked me up with a free sandwich flavored eggnog with bourbon and toffee pieces on graham cracker cookie.


The we got home and opened these leftovers. We love free! Hope you are having an amazing weekend.

Indoor Skis

Joe decided to dumpster dive these styrofoam sticks.

He then attached flip flops.


When she wears tights she likes to tug at them like she does with her socks,

only these don’t come off as easily and can be a bit frustrating.


Her latest move is to stand at the table where her brothers play,

which starts on bended knees.

IMG_0701Then she gets into a one legged, finding her balance, pose that I tried to snap.


This exerts enough energy to become easily distracted, so she reaches for a toy and her new sounds include making noises for cars while drooling.

Very much like her brothers.


She will suddenly realize that she had been trying to stand. I (of course) look away, only to turn around and see her do what she is getting good at: standing up!

IMG_0714I think she might start waking pretty soon.

Which means just a little more of her “scoot-scoot” across the rug.


We love you little momma.

Night Night

We are off to sleep with with full tummies and steamedĀ up windows from a kitchen full of cooking and laughter.



We are keeping the windows cracked in hopes that like last night, we might hear some rain.


We put the Christmas lights up because Paul is like his Grammy, he wasn’t ready to see the holiday pass so quickly.

We will leave them up as long as he likes, and knowing him, it might last all year.


we like to pack snacks and head outdoors often.


Today we took balance bikes and cuties and walked the path along the bay.


We found a little pocket of shade at our halfway point and had a sidewalk picnic.


By the time we got back in the car


we were all smiles.


A little walking can be so refreshing.


enough to walk the stretch of shoreline to meet up with friends for lunch.


enough to warm the dining room while I finish report cards.


enough to fill a bucket and make an outdoor bathtub for Olivine.

enough to let her play or watch the occasional backyard kitty.


enough to forget how cold it has been.


enough to run barefoot.


enough to feel ike summer.

enough to let them all play naked for few minutes.

enough to put them all down for a nap in their underwear or diapers.

Early to Rise

on this Inauguration Day morning, she and I awoke first.


We ate early and headed to the market,


which meant we listened to the president’s speech on the radio together


and as I listened to the emphasis on the diveristy of our nation


I couldn’t help but be grateful that this is the world my children were born into. 

Tag Team

There are certain tasks that Joe and I divide fairly; such as he agrees to take out the trash and I agree to keep a grocery list (with the occasional turn taking).

Then there is the newer realm of birthday party invites from friends at school.

Both of us prefer to avoid the events where we are in a crowd of strangers, so we recently agreed to tag team these events.

My turn came up this weekend.


A lego/star wars themed party


with a pinata


and a five year old son who showed so much self-restraint in the chaos that followed.


He was mostly thrilled to find this pair of glasses (over candy??)


The cupcakes included Yoda toppings


and after he was offered his, he stood on the porch with the birthday boy


and I once again paused to take notice that as a parent I have this new found joy at watching my son have so much fun. The akwardness of it all becomes minimized when I see how at ease he is around his buddy from school.

Mile Square Park

Last night we stayed up late at the Pajama-Jam at the Maae house


where we shared some delicious corn chowder soup that Henry and papa made. 


We slept in and then needed some sunshine.

So we headed to one of our favorite parks for some fun.


At the lake, a random kid shared his bird bread


which is the free kind of entertainment I love:


up close crazy ducks


and squealing children.


Then there were girls running in the grass while boys rode on paths.


A stop at the playground to play “motorcycle riders.”


Henry finding dead bugs


and going so fast his hair started sticking up through his helmet.


Then there was echo fun in the tunnels


and speeding down hills with a Papa on a skateboard

showing momma the thrill Olivine gets from going fast.


Before we left Paul had to strike a ninja pose


and tonight we went to bed early from all the play.