Tag Team

There are certain tasks that Joe and I divide fairly; such as he agrees to take out the trash and I agree to keep a grocery list (with the occasional turn taking).

Then there is the newer realm of birthday party invites from friends at school.

Both of us prefer to avoid the events where we are in a crowd of strangers, so we recently agreed to tag team these events.

My turn came up this weekend.


A lego/star wars themed party


with a pinata


and a five year old son who showed so much self-restraint in the chaos that followed.


He was mostly thrilled to find this pair of glasses (over candy??)


The cupcakes included Yoda toppings


and after he was offered his, he stood on the porch with the birthday boy


and I once again paused to take notice that as a parent I have this new found joy at watching my son have so much fun. The akwardness of it all becomes minimized when I see how at ease he is around his buddy from school.

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