New for Us

a baby girl who talks way more than her brothers did at this age.

IMG_0728She has become fascinated with watching folks on phones

and now she is practicing on her own.


She has also been standing a ton

so that means we lowered her crib in fear that she would jump out.


They like carrying her and then hugging her together,

making a “baby sandwich.”


She is quickly finding herself snuggled up with Henry

like tonight at story time

and when I think she is being smothered

she giggles and I know she really loves it.


Everyone is back in school, which also means back around the germs, and I am thankful that they are adjusting to the breathing treatments. I hate how shaky the medicine makes them, but I also noticed they are stuffed up and coughing in their sleep. Like the doctor said, I am administering the doses at the first symptons and I just pray for no hospital trips.


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