End of January

There has been plenty going on around here

like trips to see Koi fish

IMG_0749at the Japanese Garden


and crazy shenanigans like insisting on wearing sunglasses.

(This funky attitude is highly influenced by our friend Travis)


Then there is a little one who is using her muscles

to climb stairs at the jungle gym.

IMG_0773It is always a treat when I get home

to a little boy waiting

and waving


Then today we had tons of fun at the playground

in the sand


she is barefoot and not really into the sand.IMG_0795

Up close I realize we are looking the same:

me and this little pumpkin.

I will say this is how I happily spend a

Saturday morning.
IMG_0793Back at the house we had a jam session/show/ play with tickets.

India is a natural

and so I am convinced

they need to hit the road together.

IMG_0820All the songs and stories and funny quotes has me

really wanting an audio recorder.

(joe…hint, hint)

We are looking forward to February

and there are only a few more days until someone has

her first birthday.

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