Out and About

The weather cleared up

so we decided to go to Downtown Los Angeles.


This included the tiled streets of Olvera Street where


there is so much to take in.

DSC06806Thankfully our boys find themselves laughing at the same strange findings


I couldn’t resist buying Olivne her first set of bangles.

DSC06808Then it was crepes for lunch.


Joe had espresso in the cutest cup ever.


Then we saw the famous one man band,

where he dedicated a song to Paul and Henry


and I found a brand new (to me) macaroon shop in Little Tokyo


with flavors like pistachio, rose, and salted caramel.


We spent some time wandering through the Japanese American Museum.

DSC06837A place to visit and be reminded of a history closely tied to our family.


Then without naps we headed straight to Elijah’s second birthday party

DSC06839where the favors were a cute photo of him and a lotto ticket (yahoo).


On our way home, with kids passed out from the hours spent in the jumpy house


we swung by our local coffee shop where my co-worker mentioned the ice cream sandwich truck would be.

She was totally right and it was totally the same guys making cookie sandwiches at the party two weeks ago.

IMG_0721They remembered me and hooked me up with a free sandwich flavored eggnog with bourbon and toffee pieces on graham cracker cookie.


The we got home and opened these leftovers. We love free! Hope you are having an amazing weekend.

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