When she wears tights she likes to tug at them like she does with her socks,

only these don’t come off as easily and can be a bit frustrating.


Her latest move is to stand at the table where her brothers play,

which starts on bended knees.

IMG_0701Then she gets into a one legged, finding her balance, pose that I tried to snap.


This exerts enough energy to become easily distracted, so she reaches for a toy and her new sounds include making noises for cars while drooling.

Very much like her brothers.


She will suddenly realize that she had been trying to stand. I (of course) look away, only to turn around and see her do what she is getting good at: standing up!

IMG_0714I think she might start waking pretty soon.

Which means just a little more of her “scoot-scoot” across the rug.


We love you little momma.

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