On A Whim

Paul woke up from his nap declaring a serious need for some diver books from the library.


What mother denies their children the opportunity to visit the local library??


My memories run deep of doing just like Paul, a proud card carrier who knows the section within the children’s section to run toward.


They also have books on computers that the boys enjoy listening and watching. 

Too bad it’s not Reading Rainbow, which I can remember watching.


Of course I can’t visit the library without carrying out my own stack, as if I just have time to sit around read books from cover to cover.  Despite this denial, I am excited with my choices:

Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Reframed by Howard Gardener

Moonwalking with EInstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything  by Joshua Foer

The Gift of Rest; Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath by Senator Joe Lieberman

Mother Teresa of Calcutta: A Personal Portrait by Leo Maasburg



While Paul napped, Henry stared out the window.

Joe pointed out how much better this was for him than watching t.v.


He waved and said “hi” to the tree cutters with the colorful vests.


He was mostly fascinated by the man who climbed the palm tree and proceeded to cut down giant branches right before his eyes.


Out Front

The boys pick flowers and bring them to momma,


talk through open windows,


stare at kitties on balconies,


and ride bikes like their daddy.



Paul gets cooler packages in the mail than Joe and I.

Inside was a personalized journal with a panda on the front from Judy.


We love eating cuties as snacks because the boys can peel them and they are just the right size.


I see a bloody nose and that makes me squirm.


Thank goodness Joe had a mother who was a nurse.


Someone has their first “Barbie” doll (a gift from someone else) and he is convinced her hair is growing daily. He mostly likes to give her a pony tail or take her clothes off.


We feed and change the water for “Peekaboo” our only, ever pet from Josie. The boys love this fish. 


Going, Going, Gone

Out to dinner with grandma Cheryl


and grandpa Royce on Friday night that included pazookies- our agreed upon favorite dessert.


Then a bike ride to rest easily before


playing Zingo with Grammy, after home cooked enchilidas on Saturday.


Ending with a bounce house birthday party for Joaquin from the co-op.


Henry can only party so much in one weekend. He looks like how I feel.


First Haircut

While Paul was at preschool we were at the barber shop.


He waited patiently for Joe to get his haircut first, watching with wide eyes.

Then he sat down and I suddenly felt very emotional.


The baby hair fell off and I could see underneath it all- a boy who is growing up quickly.


He wants to be like his daddy and big brother, squirming away and seeking independence.


The best part of it all was when we picked up Paul from preschool. He did not believe I was with his little brother. He peered closely, asking “Henry?” – that’s how much older he looked!

A Morning Date

When there are no kids to disrupt the meal and we can walk down the sidewalk holding hands, it feels so special and slightly surreal. There are phantom kids that I reach out for as I cross the street or look behind me with panic as if I forgot someone. I don’t have a real time frame but know that it has been over a year since we have gone on a date.


This morning treat was all due to the aligning of the stars.

We woke up today and realized: Henry is starting preschool (2 days a week- slow transition), Paul is at the co-op, Joe doesn’t have homework, and I don’t have work. Of course we could have run errands, cleaned house, make lists, and fill that time with our normal clutter. Or we could take full advantage of a date.

Breakfast crepes outdoors with hot drinks and a beachy breeze. Perfection.

Oh and it helps when your husband wins $200 in a drawing at an Irish Pub the night before because there is no guilt involved in this splurge.


There is the slightly nagging voice to stay present and really enjoy the couple of hours together. The sipping and chewing help to stifle that, as I recognize the moment clearly, it is the calm before the storm.


Henry quickly found the sensory table with boats and began to smile before we left.


When we picked him up at noon, he had just finished his black bean, tofu enchilidas and was still smiling.

Not Your Average Wednesday

The boys woke up and saw a momma not at work, and were served breakfast in bed.


Then I got to visit Paul’s preschool


and have lunch at the playground with him.


Happy Feb. First..I have officially stopped working and started my maternity leave.