A Morning Date

When there are no kids to disrupt the meal and we can walk down the sidewalk holding hands, it feels so special and slightly surreal. There are phantom kids that I reach out for as I cross the street or look behind me with panic as if I forgot someone. I don’t have a real time frame but know that it has been over a year since we have gone on a date.


This morning treat was all due to the aligning of the stars.

We woke up today and realized: Henry is starting preschool (2 days a week- slow transition), Paul is at the co-op, Joe doesn’t have homework, and I don’t have work. Of course we could have run errands, cleaned house, make lists, and fill that time with our normal clutter. Or we could take full advantage of a date.

Breakfast crepes outdoors with hot drinks and a beachy breeze. Perfection.

Oh and it helps when your husband wins $200 in a drawing at an Irish Pub the night before because there is no guilt involved in this splurge.


There is the slightly nagging voice to stay present and really enjoy the couple of hours together. The sipping and chewing help to stifle that, as I recognize the moment clearly, it is the calm before the storm.


Henry quickly found the sensory table with boats and began to smile before we left.


When we picked him up at noon, he had just finished his black bean, tofu enchilidas and was still smiling.

One response to “A Morning Date

  1. Ricardo Frias

    ALRIGHT,, I want a black bean enchillada .. Jealous, Joe why are you sooooooooooooo lucky!

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