I am spending this brief moment staring at the calendar where Paul wrote down that baby was expected today. I am reminded that I am ultimately not in control and it has become the life lesson I struggle with. I always want a plan, but sometimes there is an even better plan if I can be patient or listen closely.


Thank you for water in many forms. This mother’s milk tea is helping me to enjoy the rain outside the window and reflect on the gifts I have been given- daily.


Thank you to this awesome, patient birth partner who is simultaneously my best friend and wonderful papa. He is wearing baby this morning (thanks to Angela’s gift of a new moby wrap) while cooking breakfast and putting away hospital gear.

Maybe the resemblance is a bit like Clark Kent?? I don’t think it’s just the glasses.


Thank you Rebecca- the sister who saved the day- watching our boys and finding time to do a little crafting as a welcome home blessing.


Thank you Grammy for a baby girl blanket that looks so much like neopolitan ice cream- it’s delicious.


Thank you for time for rest


and coming back together as a family to find our routine


where we fit together


the five of us…just like a glove!


2 responses to “Quiet

  1. judyleung

    So where’s the picture of you sleeping?

  2. Joe

    Aaah I said you couldn’t post that! At least let me comb my hair.

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