The most amazing woman I have ever known (Ba’chan is Japanese for grandma).

She passed away before I ever became a momma and it has left a hole in my heart.

I often wonder what advice she would give me or stories she would tell or questions she would answer if she was still here.

Now that I have a baby girl- I only wish she could see her face.

And then today

I went to visit my Ji’chan (grandpa) and he gave me the most intimate gift:

A baby blanket- the last one my ba’chan ever made- crochetted with a hood in perfect pink.


The last four years tucked away in his closet because as he put it “She knew there was a baby girl coming.” And that is who she was…always prepared, always thinking of others, always making me feel loved..even today.


The love in that blanket snuggles Olivine close, reminding us that even our farthest away loved ones are blessing us.


I can’t wait to start telling her the stories and sharing the photos about her beautiful Ba’chan.


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