Around Here

We are approaching finals for Joe, being generally busy, and discovering Paul has a growing interest in painting.


He also has a papa who when asked to make a ninja turtle sash to carry his sword, he can instantly have one created, and he will wear it all day long (it’s a sock and some felt, really!)DSC07638

We gravitate toward one another so that as I cook dinner the kitchen becomes a lively sound of playing at the table.

DSC07588Once in awhile I give in and we have a picnic dinner on the kitchen floor.

DSC07594The boys like the idea of eating with baby, rather than having her be in a chair.

DSC07593She is endlessly entertaining with her silliness like “hey, check out my legs”

DSC07600or the casual “I can stand now” pose that passes before I can snag a clear photo.

DSC07604She knows she is dollDSC07603and will make raspberry sounds on her tummy which cracks herself up.

DSC07611She will also climb onto the same chair as her brothers did at her age and jibber jabber to no one in particular, but as soon as  a stranger or neighbor appears and talks back to her, she clams up.DSC07627

She has marker fingers

DSC07632and a look that forces me to put down the camera and embrace her before these days slip away.DSC07635

I am signing off for the next few days because this little pumpkin and I are headed to Portland.

One response to “Around Here

  1. Tina

    Portland??!! Take me with you!!!!
    Have a safe trip!

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