As I called little ones to the kitchen for dinner the boys came charging, but I had to go searching for Miss Olivine. When I found her she was giggling at herself and her newest trick with Paul’s hat.IMG_2023 As I ran to grab the camera she then took it off to give me an up close demonstration of exactly how she can do this all by herself. A big girl more and more every day.IMG_2020 She sure is smart and showing how quick she is learning how to turn the charm on (just ask her papa)
IMG_2003 and then turn the charm off like a switch.
IMG_2004But as soon as I say bath she takes off as fast as she can crawl.
IMG_2028When the hat falls off on the way, who cares, because this little girl loves laying on her tummy and pretending to swim.


these cousins play so sweetly

forgetful of their shyness


kneeling to watch the fish


and gaze at turtlesDSC07305

Don’t worry Olivine- that’s not Oscar, it’s just a statue.DSC07303



up close


our expressions

DSC07242varied and unique

DSC07248captured in a moment





for dinner

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Project Simplify: Shelves

I have joined the four week challenge to simplify my house. A follow up to my last summer adventure in de-cluttering. I will be including some photos along each theme. This week is the shelves and I was able to free my eyes of some small, but serious eye sores in my house.

The first impression matters and when you step into my apartment building you are usually greeted by this:


but I am trying to have it look like this more:


Then there’s the bookcase


the top is a regular mess. Our place to just dump, stack, and generally misplace items.


But not after my cleaning.

DSC07085I can finally see the calendar I love so much.


This sort of project motivates me to create more space and form better habits.

Project Simplify on Simple Mom
Check out the website for more inspiration.


in age
IMG_1975 in experienceIMG_1974in discovering our purpose
IMG_1971 and yet different
IMG_1970and that makes this afternoon and our catching up, while our children played, so comforting.

We like to

blow bubblesDSC07039 inside and outside.
DSC07058 drink water in the shower.
DSC07022put puzzles together.IMG_1961
learn the alphabet.


ZERO fish that Paul caught in the ocean.
But he did catch seaweed which I thought was appropriate for a vegetarian.
IMG_2722 ONE family style, blueberry, baked pancake
DSC06912 ONE bottle of yummy wine
DSC06946 TWO fell asleep (together)
DSC06971 THREE children reading
DSC06994 THREE new teeth for baby girl
DSC06927FOUR hours Joe spent with the boys outdoor at a kickball game
DSC06997 FIVE who slept outside in tents last night (me and baby were not in that count)DSC06983 SIX mile walk this morning
IMG_1951 all while a baby girl slept soundly in the stroller, keeping me company.IMG_1942SEVEN times of reading the same story means I officially have it memorized.DSC06894

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Safari Park

A super generous gift from my aunt and grandma is the annual pass to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. We had free time and healthy babies so of course we went. My aunt is the one who talked us out of going to the zoo even though we really wanted to see the hippos. She explained it would be too hot for the little ones in the summer to go to the Safari Park (and after this afternoon I would agree), so we will be going back this summer for the zoo. Bonus: this week is the last week of the Safari Park having a butterfly garden open.


We loved the tram ride and seeing the animals up close in such open spaces. We learned about the animals they put back in the wild.

There was a ton of walking and the sun made one little girl fall asleep

looking just like the lioness.

IMG_2647We saw the baby rhino and baby gorilla, but the boys loved the brushing of the goats.

It was the one animal they were allowed to touch.


Joe loved the giraffes and I was in love with the amount of space these elephants had to walk around.

After five hours at the park, everyone fell asleep in the car.
After dinner, we noticed some animal inspired drawing

and playing as they acted out being baby elephants.