ZERO fish that Paul caught in the ocean.
But he did catch seaweed which I thought was appropriate for a vegetarian.
IMG_2722 ONE family style, blueberry, baked pancake
DSC06912 ONE bottle of yummy wine
DSC06946 TWO fell asleep (together)
DSC06971 THREE children reading
DSC06994 THREE new teeth for baby girl
DSC06927FOUR hours Joe spent with the boys outdoor at a kickball game
DSC06997 FIVE who slept outside in tents last night (me and baby were not in that count)DSC06983 SIX mile walk this morning
IMG_1951 all while a baby girl slept soundly in the stroller, keeping me company.IMG_1942SEVEN times of reading the same story means I officially have it memorized.DSC06894

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