Safari Park

A super generous gift from my aunt and grandma is the annual pass to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. We had free time and healthy babies so of course we went. My aunt is the one who talked us out of going to the zoo even though we really wanted to see the hippos. She explained it would be too hot for the little ones in the summer to go to the Safari Park (and after this afternoon I would agree), so we will be going back this summer for the zoo. Bonus: this week is the last week of the Safari Park having a butterfly garden open.


We loved the tram ride and seeing the animals up close in such open spaces. We learned about the animals they put back in the wild.

There was a ton of walking and the sun made one little girl fall asleep

looking just like the lioness.

IMG_2647We saw the baby rhino and baby gorilla, but the boys loved the brushing of the goats.

It was the one animal they were allowed to touch.


Joe loved the giraffes and I was in love with the amount of space these elephants had to walk around.

After five hours at the park, everyone fell asleep in the car.
After dinner, we noticed some animal inspired drawing

and playing as they acted out being baby elephants.


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