Project Simplify: Shelves (Part Two)

So the challenge this week was closets but I had already done my closet recently. I decided to find more shelves (specifically in the kitchen).
We have managed in our busy lives to just stuff certain shelves. It’s the kind of shelf that feels like Jenga, one wrong move and it might all just topple out-so be quick in grabbing what you need.
DSC07454I pulled everything out, threw some stuff out, cleaned, and mainly organized. Now you can take as long as you need to grab something.
DSC07463The shelf above was less messy, rather just needed cleaning, and that feels more tidy.
DSC07464The white basket came from this cupboard where we had an overstock of “baby stuff.” This shelf signifies also the awareness that my little girl is needing less of this baby stuff. Unlike previous years where it got moved to a closet for saving, this time I tossed most of the stuff knowing I am not having anymore babies.
DSC07456Wow, I have space that is empty and that feels very satisfying.
DSC07461A little room to grow.

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