Olivine and her cousin Fiona coincidentally own the same swimsuitDSC08988good taste must run in the familyDSC08991because they both enjoyed an impromptu watermelon partyDSC08993It was if when they looked at each other: Olivine wondered how she could learn such a magical tongue talent while Fiona took notes on walking for her awaiting debut (maybe she is holding out for her birthday next month when she turns one?)DSC08994

and a little pool time with papasImageProxy.mvc

while Paul lounged on a chair asking for watermelon to be delivered to his chair (He understands summer vacation)DSC08986

and our Henry was down the hill, at the plum tree, in the baby pool, on a toy, blowing bubbles, and too busy to stop for a photo.

These summer days pass quickly with so much fun and family time.

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