Pineapple Party

We bought a pineapple tonight after plenty of inquiries by Henry. Repeatedly he has pointed it out at the market wondering aloud “what is that?” and “can we buy it?” Like any loving parent: we gave in.
After dinner we set it on Olivine’s tray, not realizing she was not so fond of its texture, size, or shape. Yikes!IMG_2153 Joe whisked it away, to the cutting board, using our wonderful tool
IMG_2156that will slice off skin and core it in just a few twists.
IMG_2159All of which made Olivine calm but still serious
IMG_2160 and I can’t forget that for all the hard work there is a reward (in liquid form).IMG_2161She quickly discovered the sweetness of this new fruit
IMG_2162or as her cousin Fiona likes to rate fruit- I think Olivine would say this was a real “elbow-licker”
IMG_2166and Henry would agree
IMG_2168 while Paul’s face says it all.
IMG_2171Dessert is sometimes like a party and we love that.

One response to “Pineapple Party

  1. Jessica

    Elbow licker!!!!!

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