Another Trip

Today we called with enough time to avoid urgent care and instead get a same day appointment for Henry. I raced home from work when Joe called to say Henry had hurt himself while stretching his leg out into the moving wheel of the bicycle, while wearing flip flops. When I came in the door this is how I found him.
DSC08309Joe took him and said he was exceptionally patient while they x-rayed him.
DSC08310 Two hours later, they came back with a sprained, wrapped, ankle.
DSC08311 Bonus: he was given dinner on the couch so he could keep his foot elevated
DSC08314 and after dinner was done we gathered around to read stories
DSC08320 and share lollipops
DSC08321and he will say he only has one leg right now. He isn’t supposed to walk, climb, run, etc. If you know our Henry, this is near impossible. He is our go, go guy.

2 responses to “Another Trip

  1. Jessica

    Get better soon Henry!

  2. Tina

    oh No!! feel better soon Henry!

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